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Dr Owen
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Hi, I recently had an annual smear which was clear, but have

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Hi, I recently had an annual smear which was clear, but have had heavy periods with clotting since the birth of my second daughter (who is now 3 years old). As my tummy was tender to touch during my smear, i had an TVS ultrasound which has showed a polysistic ovary and thickened lining of the womb (17mm on day 17). There was also a polyp like shadow, but it wasnt clearly defined. My gynae has suggested re scanning me in 7 weeks time so see how the lining is looking then. Im not sure im happy with a wait and see approach. I also have an uncomfortable feeling down below, like i want to cross my legs, which he has suggested canesten for. Should i get a second opinion, or his approach normal.

Dr Owen :


Dr Owen :

Can you describe this uncomfortable feeling you have?

Dr Owen :

What is your height and weight (in pounds or kilograms please, not stone)?

Dr Owen :

Also, what medications are you on - ?

Dr Owen :

Are you taking a birth control pill?

Dr Owen :

or any birth control?


Its like a burning sensation down below. It started after i had cystitis 2 months ago, and comes and goes. its not bad at the moment but it is still there. I am 79 kg and i am 5 ft 6 inches. I am on no mediaction and am not on the pill or any form of birth control although he has suggested mirena.

Dr Owen : Well honestly the best thing to do for a reevaluation for a scan is about 6 to 8 weeks later - that way you can see a change - any sooner really will not see much of a change.
Dr Owen : But for PCOS _ the BEST thing to treat this and the thickening of the uterus (womb) is to use a birth control pill, and the Mirena TOO is a great choice.
Dr Owen : As for your burning sensation - the best thing to do is to treat for yeast (same thing as thrush or fungal problems) - and using Clotrimazole (same things as Canestan) works GREAT.
Dr Owen : Also use a Probiotic such as one that contains Lactobaccillus acidophilus such as RepHresh vaginal gel
Dr Owen : I wish you well
Dr Owen : If you have more questions, please ask
Dr Owen : Please click on EXCELLENT
Dr Owen : Thank you

so i shouldnt be concerned about cancer?

Dr Owen : NO, not at all

Fab. Thank you.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi, I still have the burning sensation internally more than externally now, although urination is not painful. I took the canesten 3 days ago and there us no relief. Could this be another urine infection? What should I do?
This could be another UTI - but also a more resistant yeast infection that would require a daily dose of Diflucan possibly for 2 weeks.
Also, using a steroid cream such as Triamcinolone might just help you out for this
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Still got burning, but its got worse and it now hurts inbetween going to the toilet, but not when i actually go to the toilet. went back to the dr who gave me a 3rd course of antibiotics, but didnt do a dipstick. I have had slight pain in the kidney area also.


Should i go and see a urologist?


Yes I would see an Urologist now - most definitely.