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Monika Hearne, M.D.
Monika Hearne, M.D., Board Certified OB/GYN
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This is a long story but basically I have had symptoms of what

Customer Question

This is a long story but basically I have had symptoms of what I believe to be herpes for 20 years, since my first partner at 19. I had sores which were extremely sore and both sides, but they were diagnosed as a severe thrush infection. I have pain in the abdominal region, heat, muscle aches and enlarged lymph nodes in groin ( or that is what I think they are) I was referred to a gynaecologist and had a laparoscopy where I was diagnosed with endometriosis but a very minor patch in the pouch of douglas. In the early days I had what I thought were outbreaks, not very often and rarely caused sores, but a time has gone on they have got worse and worse.
I have been ill recently and had a blood test, where my white blood cell count was dangerously low and I had no neutrophils. A temperature but no other symptoms however, I had been very run down and stressed with work and lack of sleep. I was admitted to hospital where I had IV antibiotics and my bloods returned to normal. The day after I was admitted I had extreme soreness in my rectum and two sores on my vulva. The one on the vulva was swabbed by a GUM consultant and it was negative for herpes. I also had a PCR urine test for herpes about 10 years ago and a IGG and IGM test for herpes i AND ii about 5 years ago which were negative. I have also had loose stools sometimes diarreoh for about 6 months. In hospital all the blood tests came back normal apart from an igg test which was slightly elevated and an antibody ana test which was positive with titre 1-320 speckled. Which could indicate an autoimmune.I have been to referred to haematology, rheumatology and gastroenterology. ( I had a sigmoidoscopy and that was fine)
Since hospital 2 months ago I still don't feel well and have had the most awful ob presently with about 15 small sores on one side of my vulva.
Reasons why I think I may not have herpes:
-Because these were negative there was no reason to take any meds or have a c section and had both my children natural deliveries. Both my children and my husband of 6 years have not caught it.
- I took acyclovir for a month after hospital and even at 400mg a day 5x a day I still had a sore.
PCR, blood and swabs were negative
It has got worse over the years and not better, ob/symptoms are more or less continuous.
Reasons why I may have herpes:
Is it coincidence I had it after I first had relations 20 years ago
Is it s coincidence I have just had an ob after sex two days ago
Anything can make me have soreness even walking a while or two, friction etc
currently it is only one side of the vulva, but it is not always that way.
Did the herpes cause the time in hospital? or did the neutroplenia cause the herpes ob in hospital?
I have aching, swollen glands and general malaise/weakness, chills, almost like electric shock pain down my legs, when I have pain in the abdo but sores sometimes don't appear, sometimes they do
I need someone to advise do I have herpes or not?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr Owen replied 3 years ago.
This is a long question, let me read this over and think about this
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ok thank you
Expert:  Dr Owen replied 3 years ago.
Tell me when you get back online - it took a few days for you to respond...
Thank you