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I am 47 was on the combined pill Microgynon 30 last year for

Customer Question

I am 47 was on the combined pill Microgynon 30 last year for 3 mths, stopped Jan14, had the usual bleed, but haven't had a normal period since. No spotting etc. Want to know if I can still get pregnant, if a test available, as want to have sex with a new partner. Also, if I start taking the pill again, I presume I will continue to use condoms for the first 7 days.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr.M.D.Mazumdar replied 3 years ago.
Welcome and thank you for your question.
Ovulation is usually very irregular at 47 years. Taking birth control pills, even for a short duration, can cause ovulation to become even more irregular leading to more irregularity in the periods.
Whether you can get pregnant at this time will depend on the number of viable eggs in your ovary. Going by your age and the fact that your periods have not been normal, chances of you getting pregnant is very slim. You can ask your doctor for a test known as Clomiphene challenge test (CCT). This will give you a fair idea of the number of viable eggs. A blood test for the hormone FSH will also tell you if you are perimenopausal.
And ye, if you start a BC pill again, you will need to use condoms for the first 7 days.