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Dr Owen
Dr Owen, Board Certified OB/GYN
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I have noticed a strange smell, I have no abnormal discharge

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I have noticed a strange smell, I have no abnormal discharge no symptoms what so ever only this horrid smell - which is not there all the time it's worse during my period and after/during sex, but it changes when I have sex it's like a fishy smell and at other times it's more a rotten meat/feaces smell ???
Dr Owen :

where is the smell - is it vaginal?

Dr Owen :

if after sex - like you say it is - then this is called BV.

Customer: It not just after sex, it's just that is the only time it smells fishy any other time it's like I said a rotten meat or feaces like smell
Dr Owen :

What is your age?

Dr Owen :

Have you had children delivered vaginally?

Customer: No children I'm 32
Dr Owen :

Well what is going on is that this is an OVER growth of your Normal vaginal bacteria that you normally have that protects the vagina - and what is happening is that when you have sex or other activities - the pH balance increases and causes excess bacteria to grow and hence you get what is known as BV - Bacteria Vaginosis - and so here is what YOU can do to help this.

1. You can buy something called RepHresh PRO B and RepHresh vaginal gel and use this before you have sex and this should help.

2. If necessary - you might need to get a prescription to an antibiotic to flagyl - but if you are not having this problem all the time and just due to sex - then you will only need the RepHresh.

Summers eve and other douches really will not help - you need a Probiotic such as RepHresh.

I wish you well
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