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Dr. Lawrence
Dr. Lawrence, OB/GYN
Category: OB GYN
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Experience:  Board Certified OB/GYN and accomplished educator
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I am almost 6 weeks pregnant. Last week at 5 weeks I had some

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I am almost 6 weeks pregnant. Last week at 5 weeks I had some brown spotting and one streak of red in cervical mucus that lasted 24 hours. I also had what looked like a tiny bit of dry skin in my discharge (it looked liked dandruff) I went to the er and I was diagnosed with a uti and was told not to worry as I wasn't experiencing any pain a uti can cause bleeding.
Yesterday was my last day of antibiotics. I have been suffering with bad constipation I had to strain going to the bathroom really badly and when I wiped There was a red streak in my cervical mucas again. Nothing since and still no pain. Still have sore breasts, bleeding gums and constipation pregnancy symptoms. I'm getting very worried now.
Dr. Lawrence :

Hello, and thank you for your question. I will be happy to assist you. Answers are for educational purposes only.

Dr. Lawrence :


Dr. Lawrence :

I am sorry you are still experiencing this.

Dr. Lawrence :

Did you have the ultrasound yet now that you are 6 weeks?

JACUSTOMER-tfqamp8n- : I have one scheduled for wed
Dr. Lawrence :

Great. Any cramping?

JACUSTOMER-tfqamp8n- : No no pain
Dr. Lawrence :

That is also very reassuring.

Dr. Lawrence :

Bleeding early in pregnancy can be from many things. It could be residual implantation bleeding. It could be that you had a little collection of blood behind the chorionic sac and it needs to come out as it is resolving.

Dr. Lawrence :

It also could be residual from the uti. Although less likely with the mucus.

Dr. Lawrence :

It does not sound like a miscarriage because of the lack of cramping and the fact that it hasn't gotten worse.

Dr. Lawrence :

The ultrasound on wednesday will definitely give you more definitive information.

Dr. Lawrence :

I believe we chatted last week.

Dr. Lawrence :

I think it is a good sign that things have not gotten worse.

JACUSTOMER-tfqamp8n- : Ok thanks that has reassured me a bit. I was worried about the red blood in the mucus the most as the brown spotting was more around the time of the uti. Am I likely to see anything on the ultrasound at 6 weeks.
Dr. Lawrence :

I understand. The ultrasound at 6 week should show a heart beat. So you will definitely be able to tell about viability.

Dr. Lawrence :

It may also show the reason for the bleeding. Although most likely, no clear reason for the bleeding will be seen. The key will be to see appropriate growth to six weeks and a heart beat.

JACUSTOMER-tfqamp8n- : Ok thanks very much. Could the constipation be contributing to the bleeding?
Dr. Lawrence :

It could cause rectal bleeding, but would not expect to see vaginal bleeding from it, even with straining.

Dr. Lawrence :

Consider stool softener and daily fiber.

JACUSTOMER-tfqamp8n- : I'm certain it was vaginal due to the mucus. I will try that
Dr. Lawrence :

It sounds like it from the way you are describing. It should help.

JACUSTOMER-tfqamp8n- : Thanks for your help
Dr. Lawrence :

Your very welcome. Best of luck on wednesday.

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