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Dr. K.
Dr. K., Board Certified OB/GYN
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9 month ago I had transvaginal pelvis examination. An ultrasound

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9 month ago I had transvaginal pelvis examination. An ultrasound scan shown the endometrial thickening 7.6 mm. I did have an endometrial sample obtained which shown normal endometrium. I am a post menopausal lady at age 54. I have my endometrium thickened without bleeding. My consultant explained to me that the abnormality on ultrasound needs no further investigation or treatment. I am concerned about risk of developing cancer in the future and also I am in severe abdominal pain. I feel that my pain comes out fro my uterus. Should I see him again and ask for treatment? Thank you in advance. Mrs Morton.
Dr. K. :

Hello, this is Dr K.. Answers are not medical advice and do not constitute a doctor/patient relationship. I look forward to helping you today.

Dr. K. :

That is an abnormal uterine lining. It increase your risk of cancer and hyperplasia of the endometrium

Dr. K. :

You need an endometrial biopsy

Dr. K. :

Its an office procedure that samples the uterine lining

Dr. K. :

Ultrasound is not diagnostic, the biopsy is required

Customer: A pipelle endometrial sample, which was scanty, had been obtained. This biopsy was negative. But I am in severe pain which I feel is a cause of the endometrium. I want to ask him for Transcervical resection of the endometrium (TCRE).I thought that can reduce my risk of cancer and help ease symptoms of pain. Should I ask for it? Thank you.
Dr. K. :

Was the biopsy read as scanty with insufficient tissue? If so, its not an adequate biopsy. Your pain is not due to the endometrial thickening. That is asymptomatic. It wont get better with that procedure. No, you should first have an adequate biopsy or d and C and go from there. Yes the procedure reduces cancer risk but it will not change the pain you are having. You need to get to the root of that first.

Customer: Nothing is saying in the letter I had from my consultation as scanty with insufficient tissue. It said "A pipelle endometrial sample, which was scanty, has been obtained. It is unlikely that she has any pathology and, if this biopsy is negative, no further investigation of the endometrial thickening is required. After second visit to see him he said that " an ultrasound scan which had shown some minor endometrial thickening at 7 mm and an endometrial sample obtained has shown normal endometrium" . No more further investigation was needed. I was not offered to have any treatments or come back in awhile for another check. Thank you.
Dr. K. :

ok so that is a normal biopsy and its not a source of your pain That does help alot

Customer: Last question. In your opinion Should I ask for D&C or hysterectomy as a treatment to discrease developing a cancer?
Dr. K. :

I dont think a d and c is necessary at all in the absence of bleeding. Actually less than 8 mm is normal Less than 4 mm is almost zero risk of cancer. Thats why the biopsy was done. Hysterectomy is alot for really no diagnosis

Dr. K. :

Maybe consider an endometrial ablation like Novasure if you are really worried

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