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I have had very bad periods few years, my cycle is every

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I have had very bad periods few years, my cycle is every 3 weeks 2 days and I bleed heavily passing massive clots (even with tranexamic acid) full days and nights (needing to use 2 extra large pads at a time, changing more often than hourly, even during the night) and then stop and gush bleed further 5 days, with spotting. I get period cramps but 5 days in the 23 day cycle and sharp stabbing pains in my right side which is now also happening between periods. It takes my breath away. My back constantly aches.
I went in to surgery on 31 Dec thermal endometrial ablation and sterilisation. Neither procedure could be done - my womb is 12/40 and I have an 11cm cavity. The cavity was so large the surgeon couldn't generate enough pressure to perform the ablation (he has since told me that as soon as the air was entered into the womb it was escaping out of the tube).
The sterilisation couldn't be done as he could see the tube but not the ovary on my right side and there were adhesions on the bowel laterally on the left side - he could just view the ovary in the distance.
I have an anterior wall fibroid, measuring 40mmx40mm a year ago, but that wasn't seen in the womb.
I went back to see my gynae and we finally discussed a hysterectomy where he wants to remove ovaries and uterus but before he puts me on the waiting list he wants me to see another gynacologist to see if a laser ablation might work. So, my short question to this long message is - is it possible given my clinical findings and the problems in performing the previous thermal ablation?
I really just want a hysterectomy and am now panicking that I'll have to try another ablation. I don't know if this is relevant but I am 45 years old, my hormone levels have come in as normal, I have 2 children - my first was born by emergency caesarean (16 years ago) and my second child was induced and born in 1 hr 10 mins (from 2cm to holding him - 13 years ago). I had problems with my periods after he was born and needed to see a gynacologist. My nan and my aunt both needed hysterectomies bleeding and another aunt (who died aged 42) was found to have a 12cm fibroid. I have never been asked about my family history.
Hope you can help me, x
I doubt that an ablation would be successful in your situation. A very large endometrial cavity would not be covered completely by the ablation balloon. Plus the fibroid in the anterior wall would distort the position and shape of the endometrial cavity which would prevent complete ablation of the endometrium. This may lead to bleeding again later on.
A hysterectomy would be a better option in your case.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you but can you just confirm that an ablation done by laser would also be unlikely to succeed?

Yes, even an ablation done by laser is unlikely to succeed. This is because the fibroid can cause distortion of the endometrial cavity as well as increased vascularisation of the endometrium and muscles.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you. I now feel better prepared next appointment.