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Category: OB GYN
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Experience:  MBBS(CAL)MD(G&O)
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there. I had a LAVH on the 19th of january, no complications,

Customer Question

Hi there. I had a LAVH on the 19th of january, no complications, home the same day and have been feeling great. On Friday the 6th of February i sneezed in the shower and passed a small clot, fresh blood, pv. I felt a pop in my lower right hand side.I put a pad on and over the next 4 hours i passed small amounts of fresh blood with small clots. About 5 hours after the initial clot i started bleeding heavier with larger clots and went to my local A&E. No scan, no weighing of inco pads, lots of waiting in rooms alone while i bled out, lots of very painful VE to test my vaginal vault. I attended theatre 7 hours after i arrived. I awoke to have 3 vaginal c/s rolss in my vagina and was in a LOT of pain. I have had 3 svd's at home a broken leg and a hysterectomy and have never known pain like this in my life, all from my raw vagina.My pre hysterectomy hb was 140, 122 when i arrived in A&E and 98 after my theatre visit for packing. As the source of the bleed couldn't be found i was packed to the hilt, literally! I have several questions. Why did i bleed over 2 weeks after surgery, had the stitches dissolved? How much blood did i lose... there was no fluid balance chart and when my post op bp went down to 80/50 i was refused iv fluids and told to drink when i was fighting to just keep conscious. My vaginal walls are raw and my whole area looks unrecognisable, i feel like i have been abused. Should i put in a complaint? I'm tired and sore and im trying to keep things in perspective, please could you advise me further? Many thanks. Catriona
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  DR PRABIR KUMAR DAS replied 3 years ago.
It is really an unwanted situation you faced.LAVH operation has two parts , one is abdominal part done by laparoscopy and another is vaginal part.
In laparoscopy operation the bleeders are fixed with clips.What happened in your case is (I think so) one of the clips may slipped out and bleeding start sand accumulated in the pelvis and comes out through vaginal vault through some opening in the vault which was left behind.
It is an uncommon complication and has to faced by opening of the abdomen and checking the vaginal vault.But I am more concerned regarding the negligence done in th ER you attended.In the ER you attended with an emergency presentation and you would be cared with more and more care like immediate transfusion of blood or at least some volume expend-er and emergency operation to be arranged.
Thank you