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Category: OB GYN
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Experience:  MBBS(CAL)MD(G&O)
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I've never had thrush before but I've had it continuously since

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I've never had thrush before but I've had it continuously since april/May last year, or that's what I keep getting diagnosed with. For the past 4 months I've also been spotting or a brown discharge every day pretty much, sometimes for about 2 wks with a wk break & then it starts again. Most recently from mid Nov - 20th dec, start again 27th dec for a wk & 1/2, 20 jan - the wknd just gone. I also keep getting really bad pain down there, similar to period pains but more when I'm not bleeding. Today I've been getting them literally every 5-10 mins, strong enough to take my breath away.
My vagina is also extremely sore on & off, it feels red raw & sex has been painful sometimes with bleeding afterwards.
I have a coil fitted & I'm currently on a wk course of metronidazole. My last smear was 10 months ago all clear
As well as the above I always feel tired, my appetite is up & down.
Any ideas what it could be? It's really getting me down now, I feel there is something wrong but don't feel I'm getting any answers with my GP.
The pain of your lower abdomen is not related with thrush or yeast infection.The cramp you are having with may be due to pelvic inflammatory disease or due the coil fitted inside you.
Other features may be due vaginitis probably due to yeast infection which was not treated properly.For permanent cure of thrush you have to take fluconazole 150 mg daily till the symptoms disappear along with anti yeast vaginal suppository and the fluconazole 150 mg weekly for at least 3 months.
Thank you
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