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Dr. Lawrence
Dr. Lawrence, OB/GYN
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I have been trying baby a year, we are both

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I have been trying for a baby for half a year, we are both 35, my husband has got children from previous relationship. My periods are regular 28-30 days, on the ovulation kit I find a surge on the 16 th day. recently I started to experience lower abdominal pain, did ultrasound. The doc found around 13 follicles on the left ovary and 3 follicles on the right. He said ovaries are bulky as well. I always had acne on my face and my back, and some hair on my chin ( the doc asked if I have them). Then he said he could not call it polycystose syndrome because I have regular periods. What shall I do now, he said there is no treatment for that, only to go on pill. But we are trying for a baby...I cannot do that. What would you recommend? And is it possible to get pregnant with this syndrome?
Dr. Lawrence :

Hello, and thank you for your question. I will be happy to assist you. Answers are for educational purposes only.

Customer: Thank you
Dr. Lawrence :

Did the doctor do any blood work to help diagnose the PCOS?

Customer: No
Customer: But I had a general blood test done recently in a&e, where I went when I started to experience a lower abdominal pain
Customer: There is no inflammation in the body
Customer: Wcc 6.0. Crp below 1
Dr. Lawrence :

Inflammation is really not the issue.

Dr. Lawrence :

CRP isn't going to tell you anything

Customer: So, no he did not ask me to do a blood test
Dr. Lawrence :

Did they see if you are ovulating?

Dr. Lawrence :

You need some blood work. You should have at a minimum....

Customer: That's why I am completely lost, coz he explained nothing to me
Customer: No, I just seen by myself on ovulation kit
Dr. Lawrence :

TSH. Prolactin, DHEAS, 17 hydroxyprogesterone, total testosterone, and CMP (fasting) so glucose could be checked.

Dr. Lawrence :


Dr. Lawrence :

I would get those blood tests. You may need some help ovulating.

Customer: Could you please tell me which blood work I need to do and can it be done at any time of the cicle?
Dr. Lawrence :

THe tests I mentioned should be checked. Anytime in the cycle is fine.

Customer: Is it with clomid?
Dr. Lawrence :

You may need clomid.

Dr. Lawrence :

But I would recommend waiting until you have gone a year without conceiving. You should be trying every other day throughout each month for optimal conception rates.

Customer: Shall I need another scan in the beginning ot the cicle, because this one was done 3 days before my periods?
Dr. Lawrence :

6 months is too soon to presume a problem.

Dr. Lawrence :

It is always best to check the ultrasound the week of your period.

Customer: Is there is any medicine to help to reduce these poly follicles?
Customer: So, 3 days before my periods was the best time?
Dr. Lawrence :

No 3 days after it started would be best....the week that you have your period.

Customer: I see
Customer: And is it realistically to get pregnant naturally with what I have?
Dr. Lawrence :

The medication for PCOS is focused on optimizing ovulation if you are trying to get pregnant and not ovulating...

Dr. Lawrence :

Yes. If you are ovulating, then you can get pregnant.

Dr. Lawrence :

If you are not, then you could get pregnant with meds to optimize it such as clomid and metformin.

Customer: So, to sum it up, I need to do the blood test done,?
Dr. Lawrence :


Customer: And there good chances to get pregnant with clomid?
Dr. Lawrence :

Yes. If you need it.

Customer: Thanks a lot for your help
Dr. Lawrence :

Don't presume a problem yet. You have not had an adequate trial yet to know if you will have any difficulty getting pregnant.

Dr. Lawrence :

Your welcome. 6 months is not really long enough.

Customer: Thank you:)
Dr. Lawrence :

Keep trying. You very well may not need any assistance.

Dr. Lawrence :

Best of luck.

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