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Dr. Lawrence
Dr. Lawrence, OB/GYN
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! I was asking you a question earlier on, now when I received

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Hi! I was asking you a question earlier on, now when I received my blood test results I would to ask you a new question. Wombs tips forward,normal size-7.64x3.64x4.61. Right ovary-3.74x2.36, contains 12 folicules. Left ovary-3.62x1.39, contains 13 folicules, speculum shows a normal cervix. Serum progesterone 3.1, Lh-3.1, FSH-5.9, serum sex hormone binding glob 73, testosterone-1.2, androgen index-1.6,prolactin-339, serum free T4 level-19pmol, serum tsh level 4.4 , plasma glukoze-5.4.wcc-6.0, cr
Dr. Lawrence :

Hello, and thank you for your question. I will be happy to assist you. Answers are for educational purposes only.

Dr. Lawrence :


Dr. Lawrence :

A couple of questions....

Dr. Lawrence :

1. Remind frequently you get your periods?

Dr. Lawrence :

2. Is the prolactin 339 or 33.9?

Dr. Lawrence :

While I wait for these answers, the blood work does not rule out PCOS, but the ultrasound is suggestive of it.

Dr. Lawrence :

There really is not a condition of ovarian inflammation, and certainly not one that is treated with antibiotics. I'm not sure what you read on the internet, but make sure that the source is peer reviewed by medical professionals. There is no evidence that you have tubo-ovarian abscesses which is a serious condition of infection of the tubes and ovaries which requires hospitalization and iv antibiotics and usually surgery.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Prolactin is 339. So, I thought maybe I have chronic inflammation of ovaries? If i do, would it be possible to see on ultrasound? Can the doc see during ultrasound that there is no scars and everything is fine with the tubes?I was doing STD tests 1-2 a year, when I had this abdominal pain. It always was coming back clear. Sometimes it was showing thrush. I am just worried that I can have an inflammation of tubes or ovaries, because I have a constant pain in the right ovary. Periods are regular but last 3 days, sometimes experience pain after orgasm.
I am not aware of any condition that is characterized as chronic inflammation of the ovaries. Pain in that area is difficult to localize and even though it is in the area of the ovaries, there is also a lot of muscles, nerves, and bowels that can also be the source of the pain. An ultrasound won't specifically show you a reason for pain and nothing on the ultrasound shows a reason for pain. There is no evidence on that ultrasound of an infection in your tubes. Regarding the prolactin level, that is very abnormal and needs to be addressed. You should have an MRI of your brain to look to see if you have a prolactinoma. This is a benign condition that can usually be treated with medications. The prolactin and thyroid is probably what is affecting your cycles and causing the follicles rather than PCOS. Also, your thyroid needs further testing with a free T3, total T4, and thyroid peroxidase antibodies...the TSH suggests a low acting thyroid.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is there is a particular day of my cycle I need to do this test and MRI? If prolactin is high is there is a way I can bring it down? I feel tired all the time
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is low thyroid and high prolactin treatable? Are these conditions dangerous?
Not dangerous. Very treatable with medication.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
So, what do you think- if I sort out my low thyroid function and decrease prolactin level I will be able to rid of policistic ovaries and get pregnant? Is there is a chance? And if this is the case how quickly can I level up thyroid hormones? Will it help if I start taking IOD and ZINK vitamins as well?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I meant - could I have ovaritis? Or my blood test and ultrasound results exclude it?
You do not have ovaritis. That is not a medical term. There is no evidence on either the ultrasound or the blood work that you have an infection (pelvic inflammatory disease or tubo-ovarian abscess). Also, your prolactin is elevated, not decreased. An elevated prolatctin, and hypothyroidism both can prevent you from ovulating. Once these are corrected, then you should likely resume with normal periods and ovulation.
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