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Dr. TV
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I am now 30 weeks pregnant and anxious a it congenital

Customer Question

I am now 30 weeks pregnant and anxious a it congenital infections, including cmv and toxoplasmosis. This is because I had ivf and I was tested for a lot of things before that started and was negative. A friend recently had a baby herself - he is now 7.5 months old and I have been careful around him in case he's picked up cmv at a playcentre or somewhere. We were having lunch recently and I touched his hand in which he'd held a saliva soaked biscuit. I shortly afterwards touched my own mouth albeit not actually putting my fingers in my mouth fully. I'm worried that this is enough to have caught cmv if he has it, although I've read elsewhere that it requires repeated and prolonged contact to catch it and that fewer than one in five parents of a child shedding cmv will catch it in a year. So am I over worrying? Would more contact have been necessary do you think, like actually sharing cutlery or his biscuits with him, which I didn't do? I hate that I'm so paranoid about this as I'm not enjoying my pregnancy. I keep thinking back to things I ate early on as well, before 20 weeks and worrying about Toxo etc. My doctor says my scan is fine but I still worry.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. TV replied 3 years ago.
Dr. TV : Yes, I think you are over worrying. In 25 years of doing obstetrics I've never seen a confirmed case of CMV. That doesn't mean it's not out there but I think a person needs to be exposed to much more of it to contract infection is all about the amount of virus that a person may be shedding if sick. The likelihood that a baby that is well will be shedding enough CMV if it had it for you to get sick is very unlikely.
Dr. TV : Same with toxo. Cats are the main exposure to humans and even then it requires direct contact from feces of an infected and usually sick cat (and whose feces have been allowed to sit around for a few days) to contract toxo.
Customer : Thanks for responding. There's so much conflicting information on the web. One site I read clearly gives the example that a child with saliva on his hands can infect another child who touches those hands and then his mouth. Yet another site says that even the parents of children known to be shedding are unlikely rather than likely to contract infection in a whole year. But I'm glad if I'm over worrying because it means that I am just probably overthinking all the detail. That's the trouble with knowing too many things from tests prior to pregnancy. I don't have cats, but again, web information is contradictory and says that it's more likely to be caught from certain meats and unwashed vegetables. But then when I think rationally I can't imagine every pregnant woman is fastidious about washing veg before eating them, or avoiding all deli meats the whole time, etc. i hate that these infections are supposedly symptomless and that there's too many scare stories out there!
Dr. TV : "But then when I think rationally I can't imagine every pregnant woman is fastidious about washing veg before eating them, or avoiding all deli meats the whole time, etc"--that is soooo true and this is what you need to remember. With deli meat, blue cheese, etc, I teach moderation, moderation, and moderation. Don't do raw meats or fish though.
Customer : Thank you. I'm just generally over anxious (it's been a difficult pregnancy, with six weeks of a urge haematoma in the frst and second trimesters) so I'd probably worry about something else if it wasn't this. I am not brilliant at trying to be rational, because there's always something to be found online that seems to reinforce worst fears, and I shouldn't look, but it's easy to seek reassurance and find the opposite from the web. I'll just try and hang in there for another few weeks and hope all is well.
Dr. TV :

Good attitude--you'll do fine.