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Dr. Norm S.
Dr. Norm S., Board Certified OB/GYN
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Trying to conceive, this is the fourth attempt, already have

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Trying to conceive, this is the fourth attempt, already have an 18 month old daughter. I have 28 day cycles usually, I started my period on 20th March with 4 days spotting prior to it. I started using Ovulation Tests at Cycle Day 8 and was shocked to get a positive result on Day 8 as I thought this was very early. On Cycle Day 17 I started getting brown spotting and this continued right through until today which is Cycle Day 29. The spotting is very light and only shows now & again when I wipe, I have never had to used a pad at any time and the blood looks like very old brown blood. Because the spotting did not progress to a period I took a pregnancy test yesterday (which should have been the day I got my period) and I got a faint positive line. I re-tested today and the line is getting darker, I also confirmed using a digital test and it has confirmed pregnancy. I have had a chemical pregnancy in the past so naturally I am worried. I called up my local hospital and asked if this spotting could be implantation bleeding and they said if it was I should have had a positive pregnancy test before now? So I am very confused as to what is happening?? In my chemical pregnancy I only every had a very very faint line which got lighter and then changed to negative very quickly whereas this time it looks like the line is getting. Also in my chemical pregnancy I got a positive test a few days before my period then started bleeding when my period was due whereas this time I have been spotting since Cycle Day 17 and yet am getting positive test?? Looking for any advice? I know that time will tell what happens but can someone have spotting like this and continue on to have a healthy pregnancy? Any idea why I have spotted since a week after ovulation?? Thanks
Hello and welcome.
I am Dr. Norm, and I look forward to helping you today.
It's not unusual to have spotting in early pregnancy. It's unusual to have spotting starting on day 17. I don't know why you're spotting, but perhaps you have a polyp in your cervix, a small fibroid in your uterus, or something else.
Implantation bleeding only lasts a day or so, so it's not implantation bleeding.
It's a good sign that the line on your pregnancy test is getting darker. It still may or may not be a chemical pregnancy, a miscarriage, or a normal pregnancy.
Women can definitely have spotting early in pregnancy and following ovulation and have a healthy pregnancy.
You may not know for sure until you're 6 weeks pregnant and a viable pregnancy is confirmed on ultrasound by seeing a heartbeat. If you wish, your doctor can follow HCG tests every 2-3 days to see whether they are increasing normally. But the ultrasound will give you the answer. Best wishes.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I was taking a course of 20mg prednisone for 12 days at the beginning of this cycle could that have affected my spotting?

I also have a burning sensation internally and have remembered that in my last pregnancy I was getting spotting (before I knew I was pregnant) so went for a swab at the doctors and I had thrush, it also caused a burning sensation the same as I am getting just now, it took 3 treatments to clear it up and the spotting stopped once it was gone, The doctor said it was sub-clinical as I did not have the typical discharge etc could that perhaps be a cause?? If a polyp was the cause would pregnancy make it worse? I had a Pelvic Ultrasound back in August and all was well, at that point I had a coil and the ultrasound showed it was slightly embedded in my womb but I was clear for cysts etc I also had my coil removed and my cervix was checked in Nov,

Prednisone can affect hormones, so it's possible that the prednisone has something to do with the spotting, but that's just guessing.
Thrush doesn't usually cause spotting, whether there are other symptoms or not. If you do see your doctor, I would ask for a test for thrush. Thrush generally causes primarily itching, but it can cause burning.
Cervical polyps are fairly common, and don't generally cause any serious problem. They don't cause miscarriage. Since your cervix was clear in November, you probably don't have a polyp, but it's not impossible.
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