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First day of my last period was around 2nd May. I had sex

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Hi, first day of my last period was around 2nd May. I had sex on 17th. I run a 28 day cycle. I get terrible ovulation pain and it was really bad on 15th - pain on one side. Around noon time. I am 40 years old, however at a check up and scan was told I have very healthy ovaries and eggs. I already have two children, one aged 4 the other 6 and we conceived them both straight away (first month of trying). I am not on the pill, we didn't use contraception and that's the only time we've had sex in this cycle. I've been feeling sick all week. Every day I feel like it. The only other thing I can put the nausea down to is Zoloft. But I've been on that for nearly two years and haven't felt like this on it before. What are the chances of being pregnant? I didn't think you could get morning sickness the day after conceiving. It didn't happen so soon after my other pregnancies. But the sick feeling I have is the same as morning sickness which I felt all day every day from a few weeks to 20 weeks the other two times.... Thank you
The 15th day of your cycle is a fertile day. It is far too soon to be having any symptoms at all related to pregnancy. If you were pregnant, it would be from an earlier episode of sex. If you are concerned, you should of course do a home pregnancy test. Zoloft does cause pregnancy. The chances of conceiving at age 40 are about 20 % A scan or checkup cannot tell you if you have healthy eggs or ovaries. A blood test called the AMH can tell you this.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Zoloft is an anti depressant which can make people feel sick. I've been on it for 2 years so can't see how it would suddenly make me feel sick now. Only had sex once since last period.... 15th is my fertile day but did I ovulate then? Does the pain mean you are actually ovulating? Because if I didn't until 16th then the 17th when we had sex would still be considered a viable day? A pregnancy test won't show any results yet as it's not even been a full week. I guess I'm asking if I could still have been fertile on the 17th .... And nothing explains the sick feeling
Ok so the Zoloft is not making you sick. 15th day is a fertile day but no it doesnt necessarily mean you ovulated then. Pain is not an indicator. No a pregnancy test is not reliable this early. Your nausea is not related to pregnancy. Yes you still could have conceived on the 17th.
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