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Category: OB GYN
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Experience:  MBBS(CAL)MD(G&O)
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I have been dealing with painful urination and itching of the vulva week. I went to

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I have been dealing with painful urination and itching of the vulva for a week. I went to ER because it was so uncomfortable and the doctor passed it off as a yeast infection without an examination. I had already taken a pill for a yeast infection without results and told him, but he prescribed the exact same one and told me to take it again. He gave me a swab to do myself and took a urine test. The results will be back in a few days but I am concerned that I should go back. The yeast infection pills have given me no relief, and after a self examination of my labia I have found a hard black spot the size of a pinhead on my labia. When I first found the bump (last night) it was red and sore and I got really worried, and the next morning when I looked again it was the hard black pinhead it is now. At the ER I swabbed the inside of the vagina, so I'm afraid this wouldn't bring any results forward about this small painful bump. Should I go back and request a pelvic exam?
From your description it appeared to an yest infection.
Probably you have taken tab fluconazole with gives no relief.But I think you have not prescribed properly.
Fluconazole 150 mg has to be taken daily till the symptoms disappear and the one tab weekly for 6 weeks. You have to apply some vaginal ointment (anti yeast) along with fluconazole.The bump you described may be due to this infection or due to some trauma from itching or any secondary infection.In my opinion you should start the yest treatment till the swab report.I think all of your problems will be resolved by proper anti yeast treatment.
Thank you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your answer, my doctor only prescribed me a single dose of 150 fluconazole. It is available over the counter, so should I take it daily as you said? Also, should I be concerned if this bump does not go away? My family has a history of melanoma and vulvar cancer, so I am afraid that this small bump could be that. Also should I be concerned that it could be an STD? Are there STD's that have symptoms of just one small black bump? It does not look like a wart or herpes outbreak (I had no STDs on my last test and am in a monogamous relationship for the past two years)
No you should not start daily dose of fluconazole yourself without the doctor's prescription.Because normally single dose of fluconazole 150 mg is recommended for vulvo vaginal candiasis.
Multiple dose as I prescribed is given in special cases like non responding cases, recurrent cases etc.I think you should talk with your doctor regarding this.
Thank you
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