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I took the morning after pill twice in two weeks. After taking

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I took the morning after pill twice in two weeks. After taking the first pill i experienced what i thought was an early period, however it turned out to be very dark in colour and lasted 9-10 days, and towards the end i had diarrhoea. Three weeks on from taking the first pill i have had a cramp pain in my lower abdomen, and bad bloating for over a week now I have been very curious about my symptoms and the most likely outcome, considering my circumstances, would be that I may be pregnant. Also due to the abdominal pain and bleeding at the beginning, not the mention the fact that I took the morning after pill twice in two weeks, it could be en ectopic pregnancy. I have been pregnant before, and the kind of pain that I am having right now (it is not severe, just noticeable) is not the same. I realise that if it were to be ectopic then there is the chance of a ruptured tube, however at the moment the pain is not severe. I was wondering if you had any advice as my lower abdominal pain is worrying me. It feels like bad cramps and I am bloated- this has been going on for a week now. thank you.
If it has been three weeks since you took the first pill, you can do a home pregnancy test. It would be positive if you had become pregnant from that episode of unprotected intercourse. You do not note when you took the morning after pill for the second time. If it has been at least two weeks, you can do a home pregnancy test. If you had become pregnant, it would be positive. Pregnancy is NOT the most likely possibility as the mornng after pill is quite effective and ectopic pregnancy would be rare. The most likely cause of your symptoms is taking the morning after pill twice in two weeks. This causes alot of problems in your cycle, bloating, cramping, and abnormal bleeding.
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