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Would having a 11 lbs 4 Oz baby 6 years ago leave me with a

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Would having a 11 lbs 4 Oz baby 6 years ago leave me with a slightly bulky uterus? I have had a few scans for various problems over the years and a bulky uterus is always mentioned, but nothing done about it. I don't have particularly heavy or long periods. Some months are worse than others, but since having my 2 children my periods have improved. When I was younger they were heavy with clots, but not anymore. They are fairly regular, no spotting, or bleeding in between periods or after sex. The only time I have bled like that was after a Pap smear. I had a c section and do have a lot of pain on my right lower side especially around ovulation and just before my period. I also suffer with my back and hips a week before my period but all pains go as soon as I bleed. Any ideas? Thanks
The weight has nothing to do with it. Unfortunately "bulky uterus" is often on ultrasound reports. Its not a medical term and really means nothing. It may be due to having pregnancies or fibroids. It can also be due to adenomyosis, common as you get older. It is nothing to be concerned about.
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