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I have endometriosis and had an ultrasound today. The consultant

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I have endometriosis and had an ultrasound today. The consultant said I had some adhesions in my pelvis which could cause problems getting pregnant.
I thought adhesions didn't show up on ultrasound so does that mean they must be bad to be showing??
it´s definitely not possible to make a valid diagnosis about adhesions only by ultrasound, this would require a laparoscopy. Regarding the possibility to get pregnant, I would recommend another ultrasound checkup including the use of sonographic contrast medium, so you can get information about the pervasiveness of the fallopian tubes. If this results positive, pregnancy should be realized successfully.
I wish you success soon!
Best regards,
Dr. N. Scheufele
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your reply.
But how come they showed up on the ultrasound when everything online says adhesions don't show up on ultrasound?
To be honest, I can´t trust in this statement of your doctor. From the distance, it´s not explicable what the ultrasound presented, but the diagnosis of adhesions is definitely not possible with this method.
The mentioned sonographic contrast investigation will be significant regarding the possibllity to get pregnant.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
She didn't say it would cause problems she said adhesions sometimes cause problems. Obviously I'm not asking you to tell me if I'll get pregnant or not- you didn't do the scan.
She showed me the pictures- the adhesions were there showing up as white lines. I just wondered if they only show if are particularly bad.
Also I'm confused now- never before have I been told my tubes could be checked via a scan- last time I had a lap to see if they were blocked or not.
the size of adhesions doesn´t make a difference to let them be seen by ultrasound, this is generally impossible, But as long as they don´t cause you pain, there is no reason to worry.
The mentioned method is a common way for checkup of the tube-situation:
More informations here:;jsessionid=9D18636DFEF96D009B076E5BAFC523CC.f04t04?v=1&t=icz5i96b&s=17e091e67a965d6869a5b559c434279ad52ef5ac&systemMessage=Wiley+Online+Library+will+have+intermittent+access+on+8th+August+2015+from+10%3A00-16%3A00+BST+%2F+05%3A00-11%3A00+EDT+%2F+17%3A00-23%3A00+SGT+for+essential+maintenance.++Apologies+for+the+inconvenience.
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