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Dr. Kala
Dr. Kala, OB/GYN (Doctor)
Category: OB GYN
Satisfied Customers: 4463
Experience:  Caring US educated & trained physician, 26 years of experience in OBGYN & women's health care.
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There- I spoke to a doctor a few days ago and explained

Customer Question

Hi there- I spoke to a doctor a few days ago and explained that I had been fingered by my boyfriend while he had some sperm on his fingers, and I'm now almost two weeks late for my period snd I'm normally regular, although my last period was lighter than usual. The doctor on here assured me that i couldn't get pregnant as I did not have sexual intercourse. I have taken a 'first response' pregnancy test and it said negative but there's still no sign of my period and I'm really worried
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. Kala replied 2 years ago.
Hi, I am a gynecologist with over 27 years of experience in this specialty, and hear to hep you get your questions answered.Given the information given you are right to be concerned, as entry of sperm in the vaginal vault by whatever method does put the woman at risk of a pregnancy. Granted the route you describe is less efficient the risk does exist. s Since you are now two weeks late, and have a history of very regular periods, you should take a urine repeat it in another 5 days or take a blood pregnancy test to be certain. Please keep in mind women can miss a period for various reasons, stress being the most common as it can result in a change in the normal menstrual cycle. So it is still very possible that you have not seen your period due to a hormonal change unrelated to a pregnancy. Let me know if you have any further questions on this issue,... I will be away from the computer for awhile taking care of patients but I will respond when I return.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Have you know any women to become pregnant just by fingering? I have taken two tests now both saying negative. Also, around the time that my period was due, I experienced a brown discharge ( almost like instead of a period I had discharge) and my last period was late. If he did have sperm on his finger it only would have been a tiny bit.
The pregnancy test also very quickly said negative (within seconds)
But I'm still paranoid. The last doctor I spoke to said it would be extremely unlikely that I was pregnant. Do you agree?
Expert:  Dr. Kala replied 2 years ago.
Yes, I have know many... so I do not agree with the answer by my colleague.
Expert:  Dr. Kala replied 2 years ago.
I will continue this dialogue later today,... however consider getting tested again. then continue to do those things which decrease the stress in your life.... exercise, plenty of water, good nutrition. When I have had patients with this dilemma I suggest they start drinking chamomile tea. Talk to you later.
Expert:  Dr. Kala replied 2 years ago.
Let me know if you have any further questions regarding this question as my goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied with your answer.Please be sure to rate me so I will get compensated for my timeHave a great day!