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Dr. Norm S.
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I have a short menstrual cycle every month. Around 25 days.

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Hi, I have a short menstrual cycle every month. Around 25 days.
I had intercourse right around ovulation. I was due my period today but I started having severe cramping , very painful about 4 days ago. I thought it was implantation cramping. I started bleeding yesterday first light and today a bit heavier. My cramps are still severe and I don't normally get any with my period. I also been feeling nausea last 7 days. Could this be early and abnormal period or am I in risk of some kind of ectopic pregnancy or similar? The pain is very bad. Due to my short cycle the implantation would literally happen close to my period date. Is that a reason? Need advice. Can't get gp appointment until Thursday and worried about causes.
How do you know when ovulation occurred?What was the date of your last period?What date do you think ovulation occurred? Thank you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi. My last period was 5th August. I always have cycles of 24 or 25 days until next one starts. I had some ovulation pain (I normally get them) on the 18th and in evening of 18th we had sex. I felt a bit of pain on 19th as well. 3 days later I woke up in middle of night feeling I wanted to be sick. And I was so tired all the time. On the 27th the cramps started real bad. All bloated. Cramping. Pain on lower right side and stomach rumbling. Today 4th day of same bad cramps. Small bleeding started yesterday that was a little early for menstrual and mainly pink and brown but today got more heavy and red blood. Same cramps. I was suppose to get my period tomorrow anyhow so I guess could be early period but I never had these cramps before and so far bleeding doesn't follow the normal pattern I get. I normally get heavy red from start and going brown towards end. Any advice appreciated. Pregnancy test showed negative this morning but I figured it would anyhow if it was heavy implantation bleeds. Appreciate your opinion. Slightly worried something is not right. Thanks

It's kind of a confusing picture, so I'm not very sure of what is going on.However, in my experience, implantation pain/cramping is never severe, so I doubt that your pain has anything to do with implantation.Although your periods have been regular, most women in their late 30's usually begin having some menstrual irregularity, so that may be part of what is going on.Ectopic is probably unlikely, but probably can't be ruled out, since the pain was on the right side. Usually pain from an ectopic would not start until some time after a missed period.So I would give it some time and see what happens. Perhaps it will turn into a more normal period. If the pain continues or gets worse, better see your doctor to figure it all out.
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