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I need help friend who found out she was a week and

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hi i need help for a friend who found out she was a week and two days pregnant.
she went to her local GP who made her take a pregnancy test and he figured out she was around a week and 2 days pregnant. the following day she went back and he gave her an abortion pill. (thats what she wanted as it was a result of a one night stand)
she only took one big pill but a few hours after taking it it kicked in and gave her a huge bleed and really painful cramps that she described as "like labor pains" she said she passed ALOT of blood and alot of blood clots.
a day or so after and her bleeding was safe but semi heavy and intermittent. she is now 5 days after it happened (it happened friday night) and is still bleeding heavy but she says its manageable still. she is booked in at her GP's on friday apparently for a scrape but wither they do that or not is obviously to be seen.
my question to you is. what are the chances that she has passed the pregnancy or the effectiveness of the pill in this situation.
as much detail as you can would be great.
thank you
Your friend has almost certainly passed part of the pregnancy, but she must still have part of the placenta inside, which is causing the continued bleeding. I don't think there is any chance of a continued pregnancy in the face of all the bleeding and cramping.Once all the placental tissue is passed, the bleeding will generally diminish considerably to the point that it's usually like a light period, which usually lasts about a week or less.Since your friend was so early, it's likely that not much will be seen on ultrasound, although we would probably do one just to be sure.If she continues to bleed heavily, then a suction curettage (like a D&C) would likely be advisable. It can usually be done with local anesthesia, doesn't take long, and then the bleeding and cramps should be only mild.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

so you would say by the sounds of it the termination was a success and she is now just flushing out whatever is left?

sorry shes just mega panicing that with her being so early that it hasnt worked

I think that the termination was a success in that it ended the pregnancy.However, with any medical abortion or miscarriage, there is a chance that everything doesn't come out. Eventually it probably would, but there is no way to know how long that might take. Usually it's better to remove whatever tissue is still inside.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

that makes sense, so basically the pregnancy ended and she has no need to worry but the rest has to work itself out?

also. whilst i have your expertise. why would she only need to take one pill? i thought it was usually more?

Yes, the rest has to work itself out, or be worked out by the doctor.You're correct that it's usually more, but it can be done with one pill. In the US we prefer a number of pills, and to use 2 different medications, one after the other.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

well thank you for your time. ill pass on your information to her and hopefully it will help set her mind at rest.

You're welcome.Please click on the rating button. Thank you.
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