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My question is this. ill provide as much detail as i can

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my question is this. ill provide as much detail as i can for you first.
my friend was a week and 2 days pregnant and took the abortion pill. it was all nasty with cramps and bleeding and she said there was alot of clots etc.
a day or so after she developed chills bu they went away after a few hours. she still bled heavy for around 3 days or so after.
around 7 days after she went back to her GP who performed a "scrape" on her, she did a pregancy test there and then and she said it showed up negative.
this was last friday. yesterday she recieved a phone call saying her test results of the scrape came back abnormal. what do you think this could be? and do you think that the pregnancy has infact ended despite the "abnormal" test result?
thank you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
she has also been complaining of stomach cramps but they have gone away for the moment as i spoke to her earlier
This is hard to answer. You will need more information. There's no reason to do a "scrape" which is actually called a d and c with a negative pregnancy test. Abnormal could mean many things. You would need the actual result to be able to get some meaningful help.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
sorry it was just a pretty vague answer that i cuda told myself .basically she had the abortion pill... 7 days later went for a scrape and took a pregnacy test afterwards and it showed up negativelast night she took another good branded test and it said negative. the doctors found a abnormality on her scrape results but didnt say wat just said she has to go hospital.wud you say the pregnancy is definitley over and why would the reasons be for the abnormality causes etc
The pregnancy is over if the test is negative. There are many abnormalities it could be. Most common would be infection or a molar pregnancy
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
and what is a molar pregnacy?
A molar pregnancy has abnormal chromosomes. It's important to identify it because it has a 1 percent chance of malignancy.
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