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I have endometriosis ( diagnosed through laparoscopy,

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Hi, I have endometriosis ( diagnosed through laparoscopy, unsure of level/stage of severity) i have an 18 month old and I'm not on the pill. Since having her I haven't experienced any painful periods. Whilst trying to conceive over a period of a year i suffered quite badly on 3 occasions when getting my period. I passed out from pain on the first day of my period and the pain lasted about 2 hours. After that the pain would die down completely.
I havent had any painful periods since having my daughter ,however I have only had a couple 'proper periods ' for example the other week I bled brown blood for about 10 days I would not consider this 'proper' ... I needed to take clomid to conceive as I would never have a regular periods and would not always ovulate. I do however feel something 'brewing' and feel I may have a period in the next few days and that it's going to be a painful one.
I know the pill can prevent painful periods , my question is therefore basically, could I take the pill say today/tomorrow to prevent this period coming on , if Indeed I'm going to come on in the next few days?
Or would I need to wait till I come on to take the pill? I'm just very scared that I'm going to have a really painful period, need to be rushed to hospital and administered morphine like I have been on a couple of occasions. also if it's not a period could I start the pill any day? As i obviously wouldn't know when the first day or the last day of my period is going to be. ( Isn't that when you should take the pill? Or is that just so you know when your next one is?
Just to add I'm able to get the pill over the counter where I live. The one I have used previously is called femodette and I find it works quite well for me
I was on a pill called visannette which completely stopped my periods but I really didn't like the side effects of this. Ie really dry skin, mood swings etc.
Hope you can help
Hello, If you can feel the symptoms of a coming period, it will be better to wait and then start taking the pill from the fifth day of the period. The symptoms are due to a rising level of progesterone and taking the pill now will cause hormonal imbalance.. Also, the pill may not be effective in stopping the period since you have already started to feel the symptoms. It should be taken at least 7-10 days before the onset of a period to stop it. If you do not get a period in the next 7 days, it is likely that your symptoms are not due to a coming period. in which case, you can start to take the pill on any day.
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