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Dr. Norm S.
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Slept with a ex on 10th march and got back with partner straight after had bleed 31st marc

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Slept with a ex on 10th march and got back with partner straight after had bleed 31st march (light) continued regular sex with partner ON may 5th found out pregnant 15th may had 6week 3 day scan due date jan 5th then 9 weeks and 13 weeks all agree due date 5th jan how accurate is transabdominal scan? is this pregnancy from march 10th so worried? I no sperm can live for a week pls help? Can I be certain?
According to your scan, your conception date is around April 15. Since it was an early scan, it should be accurate within about 5 days.So there is no way possible that you could have gotten pregnant in March. You can be certain.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
If I did would that show up on scan as more weeks? Sorry just really worried do You think I should do a dna?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Also I had a transabdominal scan not vaginal at 6 and 9 weeks etc is this still within 5 days accuracy
I don't understand your first question. You don't need dna, since you couldn't have gotten pregnant in March.Transabdominal scans are less accurate, probably only within 7 days or so. Hopefully the 9 week scan was vaginal. Vaginal scans are the best and most accurate.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
All scans were transabdominal 6 week 9week and 13 week so these scans would be out by 7 days? All agreeing with due date of 5th. I asked about dna as if accuracy is 7 days out will that take me to march? Last question and thank u sorry to bother u
Abdominal scans can be off 7-9 days in early pregnancy. Even with less accuracy, you could not have gotten pregnant from sex in March.You're welcome.Please click the rating button. Thank you.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi again sorry I'm still so scared Would you say 100% this pregnancy is not from march?As someone on another site has suggested a dna?Also what's the earliest conception date for a due date of jan 6th? Can I be 100% certain that this pregnancy is not from march 10th?
Yes, 100% this pregnancy is not from March.For a due date of Jan 6, conception would be around April 16. How accurate that date is depends on how it's determined. If it's determined from abdominal ultrasound, it might be off 10 days, meaning an earliest conception date of April 6.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


I had a Fundal height (by tape) and I was measuring 36 at 33 weeks? does that mean my due date is wrong?

Also if I happen to give birth a month early does that indicate due date was wrong and infact I got pregnant in march? just so worried and wish my 6 week scan was done vaginally instead of abdominally.

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