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I am having difficulty in deciding which contraceptive pill

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I am having difficulty in deciding which contraceptive pill is best for me. I have begrudgingly decided to go on the pill as I suffer from endometrosis and so intend to take the pill continuously for 3 months at a time without taking a break. I am starting a new job and cannot afford to have 3 days off work a month due to cramps.
I saw a hormone Specialist several years ago and was told I had very high oestrogen levels and was put on progesterone lozenges which helped me a little with the period pain and I also lost quite a bit of weight. This consultant was covered by my medical provider at that time and unfortunately I no longer am covered.
When I was 21 I went on Microgynon for 3 months and it made me feel terrible. I am not someone who suffers from depression and I do not get mood swings around my period- but this made me feel very uneasy.
So now I am 30 years old, an occasional smoker (4 per week), I am overweight, and I am looking for a contraceptive pill with limited side effects, I do not want to take anything which is going to cause weight gain.
Any suggestions?
Most contraceptives are chosen for insurance reasons. There are not huge differences between any of them. If you are worried about side effects ask your dr about 20 mcg estrogen (low dose) pills. Avoid the progesterone drosperinone. And taking the pill at bedtime and at night will help.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Just to specify - my contraceptive pill will not be covered by insurance. I will be purchasing it through a online (reputable) company- I do not have time to see a doctor right now. From the list below which would you recommend I take?

BiNovum® (3 x 21 tablets)

Brevinor® 35mcg (3 x 21 tablets)

Cerazette® 75mcg (3 × 28-tablets)

Cilest® (3 x 21 tablets)

Femodene® (3 x 21 tablets)

Femodene® ED (3 x 28 tablets)

Femodette® (3 x 21 tablets)

Gedarel® 20/150 (3 x 21 tablets)

Gedarel® 30/150 (3 x 21 tablets)

Katya 30/75 (3 x 21 tablets)

Levest® (3 x 21 tablets)

Loestrin 20® (3 x 21 tablets)

Loestrin 30® (3 x 21 tablets)

Logynon ED® (3 x 28 tablets)

Logynon® (3 x 21 tablets)

Marvelon® (3 x 21 tablets)

Mercilon® (3 x 21 tablets)

Micronor® (3 × 28-tab pack)

Millinette® 20/75 (3 x 21 tablets)

Millinette® 30/75 (3 x 21 tablets)

Norgeston® 30mcg (3 x 35 tab pack)

Noriday® 350mcg (3 × 28-tab pack)

Norimin® (3 x 21 tablets)

Norinyl-1® (3 x 21 tablets)

Ovranette® (3 x 21 tablets)

Ovysmen® (3 x 21 tablets)

Qlaira® (3 x 28 tablets)

Rigevidon® (3 x 21 tablets)

Sunya 20/75® (3 x 21 tablets)

Synphase® (3 x 21 tablets)

Triadene® (3 x 21 tablets)

TriNovum® (3 x 21 tablets)

TriRegol® (3 x 21 tablets)

Yasmin® (3 x 21 tablets

Loestrin 20. Low dose. No weight gain. Few side effects if any. Well tolerated progesterone