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Monika Hearne, M.D.
Monika Hearne, M.D., Board Certified OB/GYN
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This is a ob gyn/mental health

Customer Question

Hi, I am sincerely ***** ***** can help. This is a gyn/mental health question. I am a 32 year old woman with unexplained infertility (trying for a baby for 5 years). I had 1 failed go at IVF in November 2014. Although married my marriage has been under a significant amount of strain with regards ***** ***** infertility. In August this year I started to undergo a medicated frozen embryo cycle. This was a long protocol with burselin injections (0.5 per day). I stopped the injections a week before transfer & I had a transfer 24.09.15. This was successful. My medical history regarding mental health is I was diagnosed bipolar/OCD in my late teens, and this is controlled with medication however I relapse during periods of stress. I relapsed during my first attempt at IVF and also during this last attempt. Unfortunately prior to the transfer (approx. 15th Sept) and after an argument with my husband I met up with a male friend of mine who has helped me a great deal with my bi polar. We had a meal & wine, and to my disgust and regret things went too far and we ended up kissing and heavy petting which ended with him penetrating me just one time (no ejaculate) before we both realised how wrong it was. I have since convinced my husband to attend counselling with me. My questions are: What is the likelihood that the baby I am pregnant with is not my husband? I know how crazy this sounds but I am absolutely petrified that somehow I got pregnant naturally. I know deep down that it is my OCD talking but I am scared to death. Does burselin stop ovulation (scans taken during the cycle showed my ovaries were quiescent). How soon after stopping bureslin would ovaries start to work again (I had been injecting since day 21 of August cycle) If my beta levels were at 40 8 days post transfer does this mean it was the frozen embryo that transferred? Is the likelihood of pregnancy after just being penetrated slightly just once with no ejaculation minimal? I am so scared and its my own fault and I feel like I have ruined the best news possible by my stupidity.

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. Norm S. replied 2 years ago.
If I understand correctly, you had sex with your male friend approximately 15 September, and you continued to take the burselin injections until 17 September. Is that correct? Thank you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Yes this is correct - last injection 17th Sept. Sex without ejaculation.

Expert:  Dr. Norm S. replied 2 years ago.
There is absolutely no chance that the baby you are pregnant with resulted from sex on 15 September.Buserelin causes your ovaries to become inactive. Once the injections are stopped, it takes 7 days at a minimum (usually much longer) for an egg to develop to the point where ovulation could occur.So you could not get pregnant (even with actual ejaculation) from sex until at least September 24.Sperm can sometimes live up to 5 days, but pregnancy rarely if ever occurs more than 2 days after intercourse. You don't have to worry that your pregnancy was caused by your male friend. Best regards