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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, General practice
Category: OB GYN
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Experience:  I have had years of experience with Outpatient Medicine and have treated many routine GYN disorders.
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There, just a general question to see if i could get further

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Hi there, just a general question to see if i could get further help and what it could possibly be. I am a 19 year old female and it has been exactly 2 years since my symptoms have started and have never gone. I have severe itching burning sharp pain and general pain in my vaginal area around my vulva. This makes it hard to even walk at times because I'm in so much pain or to even sit or lay at that amd have alot of difficulty sleeping. I've had bloods but just came back as I am anemic. I've had swabs but no infection was detected. I've had an ultrasound and it came back as I have a case of PCOS however my GP said my symptoms are not caused beacuse of the PCOS. I have no pain anywhere else such as abdominal pain, its just in that one area. If i could explain how much pain I be in, it comes to rather being dead so I don't be in that much pain. I cry as soon as I start to feel pain again as my symptoms go when I come on my period as I am so scared of how much pain I am going to be in. My gp initially refused to refer me to a gynacologist although now she said she has but six months later and still mo appointment has come through because she has no grounds to refer me on and instead gives me codeine to ease the pain but theres only so long I can take them for due to the sode effects and plus it doesn't ease my pain that much and I can't take them as I am at uni. I haven't been sexually active. The only other noticable thing I would say is I have a white clumpy discharge however its not thrush as even though my gp said its not that I have treated myself woth canestan (more than 15 times) just in case it was. Please help I'm getting really desperate. Also my vaginal area is so sensitive and swollen the skin often tears and even wiping is very painful. I do keep going back to my GP but she hasn't helped what so ever and I have took all the medication such as fungal treatments and antibiotics. I also follow all the correct life style choices such as excersing and wearing loose clothing but nothing seems to help. Please reply. From Mariyah
I don't think that there is any way to really know the cause of your pain and itching without doing an exam. I don't understand why your GP has not referred you long ago to a gynacologist, or even a dermatologist.Assuming that you've had negative cultures for yeast, it stiil may be worthwhile to try diflucan, which is a pill for yeast. Yeast is the most common cause of vulvar/vaginal itching, especially if it comes around period time. Using canestan may be causing an allergic reaction, so that your symptoms could get worse even if the yeast are being treated.I agree that your symptoms are not from PCOS.This sounds like some type of skin condition, which is why I say a referral to either a dermatologist or gynacologist could be very helpful.Sitting in water with epsom salts tends to be soothing and healing, regardless of the cause. I would be hesitant to put anything on the area until you find out the cause, since many things will cause an allergic reaction.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It' goes when I am on my period and I have already tried the whole yeast thing and yes it was negative. I also feel incredibly sharp pains on the inside thus why I don't think it is my skin
Hi Have you had an MRI of your lumbar spine and pelvis?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No why would I need to? I don't know if its worth noting that i also bleed invetween periods
Because the problem may be from a pinched nerve in your lower back or from pelvic pain syndrome which is a problem with nerve compression in the pelvis. Since you've had both anti-yeast and antibacterial medications that haven't helped I doesn't appear to be an infection problem

At least ask your GP for those scans.
Dr. Chip, General practice
Category: OB GYN
Satisfied Customers: 36145
Experience: I have had years of experience with Outpatient Medicine and have treated many routine GYN disorders.
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