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Category: OB GYN
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Experience:  MBBS(CAL)MD(G&O)
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I am travelling India and have just had an emergency surgery

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I am travelling India and have just had an emergency surgery to have a Bartholins abscess drained. I underwent an epidural and the surgery lasted 30 - 40 minuets. They packed the wound with gauze and took it out 12 hours later. I have now been sent back
to my hotel with very little after care instructions. They have given me Betadine and Mupirocin to apply topically - how often should I apply these? Should I keep the wound covered with gauze or air it? Keep it damp with the Betadine or dry? I have been instructed
to take sitz baths with Betadine in the water, but I'm not overly confidant about the cleanliness of the water here. Should I avoid the baths just in case, or will the Betadine make sure that the water is purified enough to soak the wound in? I also have what
feel like small spikey like plastic thread ends in two places around the cut (I can't see them though as the area is too difficult to see and messy) is it possible that they stitched part of the area and did not tell me? Is it common to stitch part of the
cut closed? My care here has not been very good and as a consequence I am arranging to fly home to the UK early to recover. Am I safe to fly 6 days after the operation? I plan to fly first class so that I can lay down and not have to sit on the cut. The doctors
here said that it was fine to fly but I would like a second opinion.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I would appreciate any other important care instructions that you can think of to help me heal - thank you.
You should maintain proper hygiene or perineal care specially after toilet.Eat healthy food and fruits.Keep open the wound when you are alone in your room.Avoid any inner garment during this period.Thank you
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