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Dr. Norm S.
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I have just found out I'm pregnant through IVF. In August,

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I have just found out I'm pregnant through IVF. In August, I was tested for CMV and I was negative for IGG and IGM.
However, yesterday I tested again for CMV and these are the results:
"CMV Ab (IgG) 41.1 AU/ml
=6.0 AU/mL is considered reactive
CMV Ab (IgM) Negative
Comment: Result suggestive of previous CMV infection."
I know that being IgM negative is a good thing as it indicates that I do not have a current infection. However, I'm concerned that I must have contracted CMV in the last few months. Although it is showing up on the results as being a previous infection, I am worried that it was a very recent previous infection and that this might have an impact on my baby.
Also I read somewhere that even if no IGM is present if the IGG levels are rising this is an indicator of current active infection. Should I get a re-test done? and if so, when should I get it done?
Have you had flu-like symptoms in the past 3 months? Thank you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Not flu like symptoms. I have felt a bit rough. I have felt nauseous, achy ankle joints and a bit run down. Almost as if I was just about to get a cold but not quite. It's hard to say though because I've been on quite a lot of medication for the IVF.
It seems that most likely you developed a CMV infection in the past 3 months, but probably more than a month ago. IgM antibodies develop first, but then often become negative within a couple of months.IgG antibodies that are positive with IgM antibodies negative usually means a past infection. If that's true, your baby is safe.I think it would be rare to have rising IgG antibodies and negative IgM antibodies unless your immune system was not working normally. You could have the tests repeated in 2 weeks to be sure, but I'm pretty sure that the repeat test would be about the same.Just in case your repeat test in 2 weeks did show a significant rise in IgG, I would discuss this with an infectious disease expert to figure out the significance.The large majority of babies born to mothers who had CMV during pregnancy are normal. I realize that's not much comfort in case your baby might be the one affected. Best wishes.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Does the fact that I had a recent infection make any difference. I read somewhere that its good to wait for 6 months after a first exposure to CMV before trying to conceive. Is that just an exercise in caution. Given that I am currently IgM negative, are you saying that all things being equal my baby would be safe?
Yes. Since your IgM level is normal, that means that you have a resolved CMV infection, and pregnancy should be safe.Waiting 6 months after an infection might be good advice for many, but since you have a negative IgM, you don't need to wait.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Great. Thank you. I will get a re test in a couple of weeks, and hopefully, as you suggest the situation will be the same. Many thanks.
You're very welcome. Congratulations on your pregnancy!Thank you for your payment and rating.