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My daughter in law is 14 weeks pregnant. It is a very wanted

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My daughter in law is 14 weeks pregnant. It is a very wanted baby she has had a previous miscarriage and has been on fertility treatment. She is currently living in Bucharest where the medical care is not good although she sees a private obstetrician. Yesterday a vaginal swab shows she has Ureaplasma infection. Her doctor has sent her a prescription for antiobiotics and told her they will need to discuss the condition. She has been on the internet overnight and is now terrified that she will miscarry or the baby will be born with complications . Are you able to offer any reassurances please. She is returning to the UK to continue with her pregnancy in 2 weeks
Hello,Ureaplasma may be present as part of the normal vaginal flora. Although it may cause premature rupture of membranes with still birth and /or preterm labor, it does not do so in every case.In your daughter-in-law's case, a history of a previous miscarriage may be suggestive of a long term infection.She does need to go on the antibiotics - erythromycin is the drug of choice. If the infection is not cured with the first course, she may need a second course of antibiotic.She is lucky that the infection has been caught early enough to be treated before it spreads upwards to cause a complication. Since she has already started on the antibiotic, it is unlikely that the infection would spread. Complications during pregnancy does not occur due to the infection directly. But because the infection causes the membranes to rupture early leading to preterm delivery of the baby.The drug itself is safe to be sued during pregnancy.
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