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I'm writing friend who is very distressed about her

Customer Question

Hi I'm writing for a friend who is very distressed about her problem.
Each weekend when she sees her boyfriend they have sex.
On the Monday she then experiences heavy discharge, itchiness and soreness, and there is a distinct smell for a couple of days from her vagina, which she also experiences sometimes during sex.
She has seen a practice nurse. Been to a gum clinic and had tests for all diseases. The practice nurse told her it was thrush and to use the appropriate cream! But each time she does it just Clears up the symptoms for then but it's comes back the following week. As the product suggests if it occurs regularly then to consult her doctor, which is what she tried to do but came to nothing! The gum clinic said that she doesn't have thrush or BV and that they don't know what's wrong her!!
It sounds to me that there is a distinct problem which can't be detected. What are her options now? Or where does she go from here? She's very upset about it and it's reflecting in her relationship with her boyfriend as she is afraid to have sex.
I would be grateful of any kind of direction to try and help her and get to the bottom of this problem.
Thank you
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr.M.D.Mazumdar replied 2 years ago.
Hello,Sex and especially the semen can alter the ph of the vagina. This can lead to the occurance of yeast and/or BV. The treatment is to use anti-yeast medicines but the problem may recur each time she has sex. It would be best if your friend took steps to stabilize the ph of her vagina - this may prevent recurrence. She needs to take yogurt with active bacteria daily - at least 200 gms. She can also take acidophillus tablets available without a prescription.If the sex is rough, the minor trauma in the vagina can trigger off the soreness and itching. She needs to use lubricants during sex to decrease the minor injuries .