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Hallo there... There is something about my period that threatens

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Hallo there... There is something about my period that threatens to be a problem each month, and each time it's sorted itself out - except for this time. It's only just occurred to me to ask online.
Essentially, the issue is this. My boobs are always very sore for a few days before a period - noticeably so - and they grow. No problem with that, that's always been a symptom for me. The problem has been that this month, there is no tenderness at all. At all. They have grown a bit, but not to the extent they usually do. The reason I say above that this 'threatens to be a problem each month' is that over the last six months or so, the length of time for which they have been sore pre-period has diminished. It always kicks in in the end - except for in September, when they were only sore the day before. The last few months it has generally been a few days. This time - period is starting today (well it seems to be), and nothing.
I realise that this might sound like a silly question - and that perhaps I should be glad not to have breast pain this month! But I am actually very glad for my period and all the symptoms, and the reason for that is that I had anorexia all through my twenties, and lost my periods altogether for years. I've been out of hospital and at a healthy weight for about three years now, and my periods have been normal (they returned with a vengeance, actually!) ever since (I did have the copper coil fitted about 14 months ago for contraception purposes - I'm 31 and married - but as it's been that length of time I'm used to what my periods are like with the coil. Unless this can suddenly change?)
However....I have let recovery slide a bit (a lot, really), and although I'm still at a healthy weight, my weight has been slowly declining for about a year, and I do overexercise (intensive interval training about 5 days a week), and I do restrict, although not to the extent I once did.
I know that breast soreness is the result of the hormone fluctuations - mainly progesterone when it comes to breast tenderness - that occur throughout a cycle, and so my two actual questions (I got there in the end!) are these:
1. Is it normal/ok for some periods to be slightly different to others? i.e. might I have had no breast tenderness in this cycle, but may do next time? i.e. Might this just be an ordinary blip, that can happen for no real reason?
2. Or, is it likely that what with the exercise/declining weight/restriction, my hormones are gradually packing it in again? (Obviously I know that the reason they do this is that the body can't afford to be doing things like periods/pregnancy when it thinks its starving).
I do know that I need to get a grip on the ED now, for the sake of my entire life, as well as my body. I am due to finish my PhD in March, and my husband and I do want children.
Is the answer perhaps to just try and sit this and the next period out and see what happens?
I'd be so grateful for any responses - anyone who has had similar 'period changing its mind' symptoms, or anyone who could give me a fairly sound answer to either question! I do have a good GP, but they're not here right now, and my brain is obsessing. Like it does.
Many thanks in advance.
1. Pms type symptoms do vary greatly from cycle to cycle. You should not be overly worried about breast pain or lack of. 2. if your bmi is too low you will start to have anovulatory cycles and will not be fertile If your bmi is over 18 and you are over 100 pounds, your weight is not likely affecting your cycles.
If you truly have an eating disorder, its best to see a specialist prior to conception
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