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I am perimenopausal. Aged 62. D not smoke or drink.

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I am perimenopausal. Aged 62. D not smoke or drink. Vegetarian. Walk every day. Prepare all my own food. I don't eat take aways, prepared meanls, fizzy drinks, c hocolate or crisps. I don't eat fried foods. HOWVER, despite all of this, I cannot lose weight. In face it feels like I am getting bigger. I am already fatigued, low mood and lacking motivation. Being fat is really making me depressed and doubly so considering my healthy diet. Is it inevitable to gain weight at this time of life or is there any hope? Not taking HRT.

Hello. I am not sure why you think you are perimenopausal. You should be well past menopause at 62. Have you been tested for thyroid disease or had any blood work done?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry, typo. I meant post - menopause. I haven't had any tests or blood work.

Seeing a Dr and having blood work would be the first step About 2 percent of women have thyroid disease and a amaller number have adrenal insufficiency.

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