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1)I have polycystic ovaries 2) i have been taking minesse

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Hello doctor
1)I have polycystic ovaries
2) i have been taking minesse contaceptive pills for more that 2 years now
3) i am 28
Last month i experienced bleeding before my period. I went to see my gynae and he did a scan and realised nothing was wrong and that the bleeding could be because i ddnt take my pill on time or skipped (which was true).
Now this month, i am experiencing bleeding again. Now when i started the minnesse packet that i am taking now, i lost the 2nd pill down the drain . I then decides to take a pill for another day, which means for this month i have been taking a pill for another day because i lost a pill. Also meaning that i am going to be less with 1 pill for this packet.
I was expecting my period on the 16th and the bleeding started on the 8th.
Thank you

Missing pills is a common cause of break through bleeding. Often the abnormal bleeding lasts weeks after only one or two missed pills. The easiest way to correct break through bleeding is to stop the pill for a week and have a period. You can minimize the side effect of breakthrough bleeding by taking the pill continuously and not having a break to have a period. This is healthy and preferred. I hope this helps and answers your question.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am not too sure i understand. So it means you would advice that i donot take the last 6 pills of this packet and only re start when the period comes? Cant i just finish these 6 pills and then start the next packet correctlyThank you