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I am 40 and have recently had my ovarian reserve and AMH

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Hi. I am 40 and have recently had my ovarian reserve and AMH level checked. My AMH was 41.8 with a high ovarian reserve. I had 9-10 small follicles and 12-15 larger ones. I am obviously thinking I might have PCOS. We have one 3 year old and been trying again for 18 months with no success. My cycle is regular but period are earlier than they have been i.e becoming earlier every month for 6 months. I am not excessively overweight with a BMI of 26-27. Any thoughts? Thank you

Even with a normal amh, your chances of pregnancy at 40 are about 7 percent. Most of the eggs are not normal, due to age related changes. After age 40-41, the chances of spontaneous pregnancy begin to drop dramatically. The miscarriage rate is 50 percent. This is due to an increased incidence of genetic abnormality of the embryo. If you really want to conceive, your best shot is to see an infertility specialist as soon as possible and consider ART.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your help. I know my chances are alot slimmer now than they were but I am more concerned that the results are abnormal for my age. I had the tests done privately as would waiting on long on the nhs and I guess I'm wondering if it is worth pursuing it further or accepting it pregnancy probably won't happen again. I was really looking for advice on what the results mean if anything. Kind regards, Hilary
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
As above I was really looking for what the results could mean. Thank you. Hilary

An ultrasound finding of multiple small follicles alone does not indicate pco It seems like that would be the only abnormality. For a diagnosis of pco, you would need other abnormal blood work.

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