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I am currently taking microgynon 30 as a contraceptive. I am

Customer Question

I am currently taking microgynon 30 as a contraceptive. I am coming to the end of my pack and have to take one more day before my 7 day break. I noticed however I have one extra in my pack than I should have. Usually I am very vigilant and have an alarm set in my phone so I don't know when I would have forgotten a pill and I'm very confused. I took the extra one last night, a few hours after taking the one I was due to take anyway, just incase but as I don't know when I've missed a pill it probably wouldn't have made a difference. I'm due to stop after today and have my seven day break. Would it be unsafe to have intercourse during the seven day break as I may have a missed one pill this cycle? I know I did not miss it during the last week as I can remember taking it each day
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 1 year ago.

Missing one day and not making up the pill does not change the efficacy of the pill at all. You are still protected. Its hard to understand how you could miss a pill and not know The pills are labeled according to day so you would have a pill in the middle of the pack just sitting there. If you are not taking the pills according to the day they are labeled start doing so to make it easier to remember. At any rate, you are protected and safe.