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Dr. Tim, MD
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I'm 11+3 pregnant. I had a bleed (which has now stopped

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I'm 11+3 pregnant. I had a bleed (which has now stopped after 4 days), and have been diagnosed with a partial placental separation. I had a scan today which showed a bouncing bundle with a strong heart beat. I was told to take it easy... no heavy lifting and no excessive standing or walking. .... I completely forgot to ask ... is it okay to continue to play the trumpet ... nothing too strenuous, stop when I want etc.... or should this be avoided?

Thank you for the question.

What you are experiencing is called a subchorionic hemorrhage. It is very common and given how far along you are, the chance of miscarriage is very low. Yes, I would agree with taking it easy and avoiding excessive activity, but if the pregnancy is healthy otherwise, there really is little to worry about. If I had a patient ask a similar question, I would state that it was appropriate to play the trumpet as long as you do not play it too 'strenuously'.

I hope that this helps and good luck! Please remember to leave a POSITIVE rating. Feel free to ask more questions.
Dr. Tim

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have been bleeding heavily for most of the day, with some cramp type pains which are new, and I'm concerned that it is because I played a concert last night, or because I haven't been taking it 'easy' enough. I had my dating scan on Friday which changed my EDD from 15 April 2017 to 31st March 2017. So now being told I'm 14 weeks +3, which is confusing. I was told that the SCH would most likely sort itself out, but that I might experience more bleeding before then, and not to be concerned unless bleeding or pain became unmanageable. I can 'manage', but I'm still worried. My next scan is due a week tomorrow. This 'wait and see' is so hard to do, it's driving me crazy. I was told to take it easy, and now I don't know what that means. I've read so much conflicting stuff on the internet and so many horror stories. Have I caused the bleeding? Should I be on bed rest? Should I stop playing? Should I try to get another scan?

Thank you for the followup.

It is common for the scan to change the dates and it was appropriate to change to the new due date. It would have been more concerning if the growth was lagging by two weeks, but you are actually two weeks further along. SCH's are common and they eventually go away. If you are bleeding heavily today, then you need to get back in for a scan tomorrow. They should also perform an exam and look at the cervix and make sure that there is not some other source of bleeding. As I tell patients, the less you do, the less you will bleed. Your body has a way of stopping this bleeding and you need to take it easy and avoid activities where you are 'straining'. With regard to the questions of what to do - I would call your doctor tomorrow and review that you have been bleeding over the weekend and need to come in for a visit and ultrasound to review the situation. Finally, do not go to the internet for answers - many people use it as a place to tell their horror stories.

Does this help?

Dr. Tim