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I have suffered abdominal pain and other symptoms for about

Customer Question

I have suffered abdominal pain and other symptoms for about seven years, the last four years the pain has gone from maybe a couple times a month to every day, the pain is excruciating, like being on a constant period but worse, it makes me vomit, headaches makes me so tired all the time, I'm lethargic all the time, I become dizzy, I never feel like I've slept , I had a lap for find endo but none found I'm at my wits end my appetite is shocking, and I bloat sometimes it can stay for about two months I wake up its there I go to the loo it's still there help
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr.M.D.Mazumdar replied 1 year ago.


There could be two causes for this type of pain:

1) Endometriosis. Although the lap did not show endometriosis, very often, very minor seedlings could be present which is not visible to the naked eye. You can try taking a course of birth control pills for 3 months - the pain decreases, then you will know that it is due to endometriosis.

2) Pressure over the nerves to the abdomen. These nerves arise at the spinal cord. Pressure or compression can occur due to a slipped vertebral disc or arthritis of the spinal bones. An MRI will help confirm or rule out this cause.

I hope this helps.

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