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I had a mirina coil fitted 6 weeks ago due to very heavy

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I had a mirina coil fitted 6 weeks ago due to very heavy bleeding and unable to take Oral contraceptives due to having a P.E 11 years ago. This is purely to try and control the bleeding as steralised 3 years ago.
with in 2 days of fitting I began to vomit( feels like morning sickness ). Nurse prescribed anti sickness tablets that make me very droswy- so carnt take them in the day time due to being a care home manager.
I have now bleed heavly for around 8 weeks( had a very heavy period just before I had coil fitted )
I am now at the point of feeling very unwell- exhausted, dizzy, light headed and head achey. Im also B12 deficent and injection is due friday.
Will this settle down or would it need to come out?
You should have an ultrasound to determine the placement of the Mirena. With a severe reaction after insertion it is possible the Mirena perforated the uterus or is not correctly placed. Heavy bleeding for two months is not common. You will also need a blood test to be sure you are not anemic. It sounds like the Mirena will need to be removed. You may want to consider endometrial ablation. You need to see a Dr.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you very much for your advice, I have been trying to get back to see my G.P and just get passed to the Nurse who advises to try and perservere for a few months. Thank you again, I feel like Im not going crazey.
Perservering a few months is not a good idea. You are not going crazy.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you. I still continue to be unwell. I saw my G.P last week due to constant vomiting, prescribed Antibiotics as suspected PID. Couldnt find threads for coil and ordered a scan. On friday G.P sent me in to hospital due to constant vomiting, kept me overnight and prescribed new anti sickness tablets and painkillers and did bloods which came back o.k. Had scan monday and coil is in the right place. Hospital then refered back to G.P as they are not sure what is causeing theese symptoms. G.P is qureing a virus at present and has signed me off work for 2 weeks and will review then. No one will remove coil at present and I just want it out of me. Still feeling very poorly, pelvic and back pain and bleeding when walking around, not eating very much as the thought turns my stomache and dont feel hungry, so feeling very low and down. I felt fine mentally and physcally before having this fitted and now just feel like a shadow!