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Me and my partner are trying to conceive for about a year

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Me and my partner are trying to conceive for about a year with no results.
In mid of September my partner done semen analysis. Results as follow:Abstinence: 3 daysPARAMETERSVolume: 5.40 ml Ref limit >=1.5
ph: 8.00 Ref limit >=7.2
concentration: 18.00 M/ml Ref limit >=15
total count: 97.20 M per ejaculate Ref limit >39
A 0.0%
B 22.00% Ref limit A+B >= 32
C 14.00%
D 64.00%
Normal Morphology: 2% Ref limit >=4
Round cells <1.0 Ref limit <1Interpretive comments and recommendationsLow motility and high abnormal forms in accordance with the WHO 2010 reference limits. This results partially confirms the findings from the previous analysis (from mid of June - not provided to us ) and is indicative of sub-fertility.I would like to know if will be possible to conceive naturally with that results? Or better way is IUI or IVF?
Is there any chance to improve semen parameters? Vitamins supplementation will be helpful or it is waste of time?I would like to mention that from my side everything is ok. All hormones levels are good, ovulation is correct.
My partner is 36, and already have 15years old child with previous partner.I will be very grateful for any advice in that matter.

The semen analysis indicates abnormal sperm forms and low motility. Its abnormal and is the source of your infertility. Often this is due to a varicocele so he needs to see a urologist. If this is the case, it may be able to be surgically corrected to improve the analysis. Vitamins do not help. IUI and IVF are both helpful. You would be more likely to conceive with either, but unlikely to conceive naturally.

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