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34 year old female. Was diagnosed with suspected

Customer Question

34 year old female. Was diagnosed with suspected moderate/severe Adenomyosis a couple of years ago. Symptoms range in severity over the course of a monthly cycle, but have some form of symptoms all the time pretty much! My main symptoms include very severe cramping pretty much all month long, prolonged very heavy periods, and very enlarged and hard/rigid lower abdomen which again size wise depends where I am in the monthly cycle. For the past 5 months or so however symptoms have changed to some degree - I've still been suffering with very painful cramping and my lower abdomen has enlarged even more than usual and has become very hard/rigid to touch; however I have not had an "obvious" period in this time (some light bleeding that is all) Although my periods are irregular, never gone for more than 3 months I don't think without one before I don't think. I am very used to all these symptoms now having had this condition for about 3 years now, however the lack of periods aside from some light bleeding, increased cramping and significantly increased lower abdomen enlargement for the past few months is definitely a new thing this year. Are these symptoms all part of the condition???!! Is this normal???
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 1 year ago.

An enlarged hardening abdomen is not a symptom of adenomyosis. It can also be a symptom of uterine fibroids. OF course if you have not had a period and your abdomen is enlarging you would need to consider pregnancy. If you are sexually active, you should do a home pregnancy test.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi thank you for you reply. Ah ok, assumed the normal enlarged hardened abdomen that comes every month for me was due to the adenomyosis, but you say it's not a symptom of that? You just raised something that hasn't even crossed my mind AT ALL. You mentioned getting a home pregnancy test done. With these symptoms do you think that pregnancy is actually a possibility then??? I haven't been pregnant before and just assumed all these recent severe symptoms were simply due to the Adenomyosis, as I do suffer in quite a severe way with similar symptoms on a regular basis. Just checked and actually haven't had a period since April (couple of months longer than I first thought, didn't really ring any major alarm bells because as I said the adenomyosis has led me to skip periods frequently in the past for a few months) Would pregnancy fully explain this set of symptoms as well then??
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 1 year ago.

Lack of a period and enlarging abdomen does sometimes mean pregnancy. I would advise you to do a home test.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I've just taken 2 home pregnancy tests, both have come back positive?!?!?!?! I'm in complete shock, never even considered this as a possibility due to all the problems I have with the adenomyosis and reduced fertility etc. Literally can't believe it! Please could you tell me how pregnant I am then from information I have given you?? Also shouldn't I have had other symptoms??
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 1 year ago.

Congratulations and I am glad I could point you in the right direction. When was your last period?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I thought it was April however I remembered clearly that it was Easter weekend my last period. So the last few days of March. I realise now that is a relatively long time with a period but because of all the issues I've mentioned it's not unusual for me to miss several in a row. Now I know I'm pregnant I'm very concerned about the cramping I'm experiencing (before when I thought it was related to the adenomyosis I just knew that it was Normal for me) but one of the main reasons I got in touch yesterday was because cramping was quite bad and definitely worse than normal. But now I'm pregnant should I still be experiencing this bad cramping from the adenomyosis???? If I'm honest in the past 24hrs the cramping has become quite severe at times, especially this evening, in quite a lot of pain.
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 1 year ago.

You could be a few months or more. Very hard to know with your history. You should most likely seek emergency medical attention today. Good luck and let me know what happens

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Well I've had quite a shocking 24hrs since I last messaged. I ended up going to the hospital as the cramping I was experiencing really intensified late last night to a severe level so became very concerned about what was going on. Felt very ridiculous at the hospital having to explain to them that I was pregnant and I'd only just found out via home pregnancy text, and I wasn't sure how pregnant I was but assumed probably a few months, as some of the missed periods earlier on were no doubt because of the adenomyosis as this was a frequent problem for me along with the enlarging abdomen and cramping issues.The doctor asked me several questions about my last period dates and also about my whole gynaecological history and what symptoms i'd been suffering from for the past few years. He quickly examined me by having me lie down and pressing in different places around my abdomen and he said I think it's very likely that you're more than a few months pregnant. So I thought maybe he's saying that because he didn't appreciate that my lower abdomen is frequently enlarged to quite a significant degree because of the ongoing problems, and maybe that was confusing things. And even if he was right then maybe I was 4/5 months absolutely max, although I thought it to be very unlikely and would have been a big shock. The doctor told me that he wanted to arrange for an ultrasound immediately as it was important to establish facts and see what was going on especially as I was still in some pain.Well this is what led to me having the biggest shock to me in the past 48hrs! The person conducting the ultrasound fetched the doctor to explain a few things but mainly to tell me that as I was so far along (still no idea what they meant at that point!) it actually isn't as easy to establish exactly how pregnant you are as it is when you're much less pregnant (I.e. First trimester). Because I also wasn't able to give an exact date for my last period. I told him that I'd had a period Easter weekend. He said to me well that would only make you 30 weeks, and I can assure you that you're a lot further along than that, and it's more than likely that my period in march had just been early pregnancy bleeding. Then the doctor said but we're estimating you're between 35-36 weeks pregnant. I think I nearly had a heart attack at that moment. I said to him how is this possible that I couldn't know that I'm nearly 8 months pregnant???? Why had I not felt the baby kicking???? (The doctor said something about my placenta laying towards the front of my uterus so the movements would not have been as obvious). In fairnesss for the past few months I have felt some twinges/aches/pains/sensations but just put it down to all my usual gynaecological problems. Anyway I digress, as I was left alone to get dressed again, suddenly the cramping pain i'd been feeling the past few days (the main reason for contacting you) intensified to its strongest level yet. Told the doctor and he said he really wanted to do another examination, especially as now they'd established how many weeks pregnant I was. He again pressed in different places around my abdomen whilst I was laying down (doctor told me that the baby was laying head down and was engaged, not really sure what that meant????) and this time also suggested that he do an internal exam. Well this provided the next big shock! The doctor told me that my cervix was completely thinned out? and that I was 2.5cm dilated??? And that essentially he thought I was in early labour!!!!!!?! I was given drugs to stop the labour and also something to develop the baby's lungs if labour were to continue. After a couple hours the cramping pains subsided considerably. I was told that I was allowed to go home but was on strict bed rest and shouldn't be doing anything. Midwife appointments been scheduled for me to visit me at home.Just a whirlwind situation to be honest. 3 days ago I wasn't aware I was pregnant. Now I know I'm 35/36 weeks pregnant and my body has already attempted to go into labour once. This just all seems so crazy to me?!!!!Been at home in bed approximately 12hrs now. And although the severe cramping pains not returned yet (just feels like period pain at the minute) but I've developed real ache in my back and I now feel a lot of downward pressure in my pelvic area now that hasn't been there for the past couple of days. Does the fact that my cervix has thinned out and I'm 2.5cm dilated mean that labour is imminent???? Will I know when it's started properly??? What else should I be looking out for??? Is this too early for the baby??? Sorry for all the questions, it's just that this is my first baby and given I didn't know I was pregnant until yesterday all of this is just so new to me, all the medical terminology etc?? Should I be doing anything else at this time???
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 1 year ago.

Well that is alot It is too early for the baby, but should the baby be born this early, he or she will be fine. You will need to go to the hospital if you notice an increase in pain or regular pain or contractions. Contact the number the gave you for the midwife or Dr for further questions. This is a question and answer service only. We cant give medical care. Congratulations and good luck.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi there yes I totally appreciate that you can't give me any medical care on here. Just wanted to thank you for advice you gave me and most importantly guiding me towards actually taking a pregnancy test (seems so obvious now) As much as this is still an enormous shock to adjust to in a very short time, had I not contacted you and you hadn't guided me in the way you did, I would have had an even bigger shock in labour! On the subject of labour, it all became suddenly very real when 8hrs ago my waters broke, and 2 hrs later my contractions started. The midwife has attended to me earlier today at home (we've agreed on a home birth plan, as after further examination today and measurement, midwife felt it more likely for me to be 37/38 weeks so essentially close to full term and hospital is very close by if I needed to attend in an emergency. I am much happier this happening at home given the shocking circumstances in how I found out etc., feel like I need it to be a peaceful birth experience now!) The midwife informed me that i was 4cm dilated when she last checked and that we should call her back when contractions get a lot closer together. Contractions don't seem to be very much closer together yet, but we're ready to call her as soon as they do! So thought I'd take this opportunity to distract myself and say thank you to you!!
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 1 year ago.

Aw great news Let me know how it all turns out.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi there, I will indeed let you know how it all turns out once it's over, you've been so kind to me. It's been a very long process so far. I'm now 56hrs post my waters breaking, but up until a couple of hours ago contractions have stayed constant at around every 35-40mins ever since then and I hadn't progressed from being 3.5/4cm dilated. Midwife has popped in several times in the past 3 days for fetal monitoring and to check on how things are moving on. She's said that she really doesn't want it to go past the 72hr mark (post waters breaking) due to risk of infection, although baby does not appear distressed. So if things hadn't progressed by then (or earlier if she thinks the baby is getting distressed) then I'd have no choice but to go into the hospital for them to induce me. I really hope that doesn't have to happen!! The midwife was last here 2 hours and she was happier that my contractions are now about 20mins apart and I'd dilated to 4.5cm which she said now means I'm in active labour?! Really hope that means that it's full steam ahead now!!! The midwife told us to call her when the contractions are 7mins aprt to allow her time to get here!! Hope it's go time now. Such a whirlwind of a week, but I'm ready now!
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 1 year ago.

It sounds like things are going for you now. Looking forward to hearing about the baby.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi there :) well it is finally all over. Am a proud mother to my beautiful baby girl as of 18hrs ago. I managed to stay at home for the whole birth and the midwife was happy to let me and the baby stay at home afterwards, she had no concerns that required me reporting to the hospital. Of that I am truly grateful, given how events have unfolded over the past week to be honest! Still in total and utter shock!It took another 12hrs for me to dilate from 4 cm to 7.5cm and then I literally just got stuck at 7.5/8 cm for what seemed forever. Contractions by that point were so horrendous (natural birth) that the midwife suggested getting in a warm bath and submerging my body in there to help with the pain and to relax and hopefully Iabour would continue to progress quickly. It did indeed feel amazing to be in the warm water and felt much happier there. Could only have been in there about 5mins when I felt so much pressure that hadn't been there before, something felt different. So I called the midwife in and told her and she said ok probably time to get out go back into the bedroom so I can recheck you to see what's happening whether you're progressing etc. Well with the time she turned to get the towel and help me out I said to her I honestly don't think there's time to get back to the bedroom, I think the baby is coming!! I was knelt in the bath with her hands supporting me at this point. She said to me the bedroom is 5m away, I think you have time, you were only 8cm less than 10 mins ago!! She carefully and very gently helped me out of the bath, and it was then that I knew I wasn't going to make it to the bedroom. She helped me down onto the bathroom floor which she hastily covered in clean towels, and with 2 very small quick pushes my baby girl made her entrance into the world, all 7lb 2oz of her!! Goodness knows what happened to make this part of it so fast, when everything else had gone so slowly. But in a way I'm grateful for no lengthy pushing marathon that I was half expecting. The midwife placed her on me as she said skin to skin contact so important in these early stages. After I'd delivered the placenta (even that took longer than normal apparently!) I was practically carried into the bedroom, was in quite a state of shock!!7 days ago when I contacted you I was concerned about the symptoms of the adenomyosis and other gynaecological problems I have - 7 days later I gave birth literally on the bathroom floor!! And now I have my beautiful baby girl (very much wanted for a very long time, but assumed wouldn't be happening because of my many issues) Am in total amazement at her and the fact that she's mine and she's here! I'm not really sure what to say other thank you thank you thank you so so so much. Had I not contacted you, I would have had an ever bigger shock in my bathroom yesterday, as if giving birth only 4 days after you find out you're pregnant is not shocking enough!!!