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Dr. K.
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I have had for over two weeks, getting worse, red sore itchy

Customer Question

I have had for over two weeks, getting worse, red sore itchy vagina in side and out. I have type 2 diabetes and often get thrush. so I took 2 pessarys for it and it didnt help. I dont have burning as I pee, but the whole area of the public hair region is very sore in a sort of tingling way. I also took an oral thrush pill which didnt help. I also took some powders from the chemist sachets called cycst..... I have bathed, stoped using soap. the last few days I have used piriton for the itching.I am getting concerned now. as it seems to be getting worse in stead of better. I have been taking jardiance for the diabetes (gets rid of sugar in the pee). The inside and outside of the vagina is red. no smell no discharge and no white stuff. I do have some kind of slightly raised sort of spots on the outside vagina lips which has been there for over 20 years. i saw a private doctor once who told me that this was just similar to face pimples. they seem to have got a bit bigger over the years but dont ever to seem to cuase any problems, very occasionaly one may get like a spot and burst but thats few and far between and the doc said they are not harmful. I am not sexually active and have not been for many years. am 48. It is itchy around the whole pubic area and it is red and sore its hurting now, just sitting here and the itching is bloody distracting. help? its getting sorer. I dont feel ill in any other way.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 1 year ago.

This sounds like a yeast infection. I would suggest internal Canesten cream.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am confused by your response as my question sets out that I have treated this for thursh in several different ways repeatedly? could it still be thrush? also no white dischage? Previoulsy I have always responsded to one thrush pessary, now I have had 3 over three weeks plus one oral thrush pill, do you still think it is thrush? thankyou
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 1 year ago.

You have a yeast infection that is resistant to therapy

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
do you have any suggestions on how to deal with a yeast infection of this nature?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
confused again re your answer re using internal yeast treatment, as I had already set out in my first question that I have used viturally every treatment possible more than once, did you read it?