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I have had an early miscarriage in april. (less than 4weeks)

Customer Question

I have had an early miscarriage in april. (less than 4weeks) Went to the hospital where they said it was an early miscarriage, they did blood an urine tests and my hcg level was very low 10. Had lower abdomen pain and had started bleeding.
After a week they had scheduled an ultrasound, which showed no signs of anything wrong and all looked good.
I have now had one period since this happened, which was normal exactly 4 weeks after the miscarriage.
However I developed lower abdomen pain about 3 weeks ago again, which could be due to over exercise but wanted to make sure it was nothing with my ovaries. I scheduled another ultrasound with the OB-GYN and she said everything looked good and ovary had recently ovulated and everything looked good.
Now my question is: is this lower abdomen slight discomfort, which is more noticeable when I need to go to the toilet at all related and could it be the result of an ectopic abdomen pregnancy? Or is it muscular? I have booked an appointment with a physio but I cant shrug of the idea if it is related at all to what happened before and if the ultrasound is the best way to rule that out.
Many thanks for your reply!
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 9 months ago.
HEllo and welcome to Ja. After an ectopic pregnancy the bhcg blood test should be folllowed to zero. You should have another hcg to be sure its zero. Ultrasound is not helpful as it won't show anything at levels this low