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I get excruciating ovulation pain most months to the point

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I get excruciating ovulation pain most months to the point it is unbearable. I have had a scan which showed my uterus contained several intramural fibroids in the anterior wall as the largest fibroid measured 3.4cm. The endometrium measured 7mm and both ovaries contained a single follicular cyst measuring 14mm on the right and 18mm on the left but otherwise normal. Is this normal as the doctors have given me nothing and simply state take painkillers but the pain is affecting me and making me time off work. Also I am worried this will affect me when I wish to get pregnant in the future. I am nearly 29 years of age. Please advise


A mild pain during ovulation is seen in many females. But if your ovulation is very painful, then that is not normal. There are several causes of painful ovulation. In your case the ovarian cysts are the cause of painful ovulation. The cysts are mostly due to a condition called PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). This happens due to hormonal imbalance. I would recommend you to consult your Ob/gynae again and a complete work-up done for PCOS. If need you will need medicines and dietry adjustment to take care of PCOS, if that is the cause of your pain. Once PCOS resolves, the pain should decrease.

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