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Is it possible to have an ectropion this shape? As you can

see, it is extremely irregular... Show More
see, it is extremely irregular. I thought I had some white areas, but that's just the camera flash. However, I am concerned about the shape of this red lesion.
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Customer reply replied 7 months ago.
Are you an experienced gynecologist? If so, please can you give me your opinion on this red lesion. I think it looks like something worse than an ectropion.

How long has this lesion been present?

Any pain?

The picture you uploaded is out of focus. Can you upload a better one?

Where is it located?

Customer reply replied 7 months ago.
Can you reallocate this to a gynecologist please? I see you are an eye doctor. This is a cervical ectropion. Please can you pass this to an OBGYN doctor as soon as possible?

Will do.

Customer reply replied 7 months ago.
Thank you. Please can somebody experienced answer soon, I paid for quick service. Even if it is bad news and this is cancer, I would rather know.
Hello and welcome to Just Answer. I looking forward to assisting you with your question and providing excellent service. Ectropion is not a pathological condition in young women or those on birth control. It is the normal way the cervix looks . It is not symmetric like a circle. It will always be asymmetrical and everyone is different. The picture is not of sufficient quality to see lesions. In addition nobody can tell you if you have cancer from a picture. You would need a biopsy of course
Customer reply replied 7 months ago.
Thank you. I'm afraid it's the clearest image I can get. Personally I don't think I can see lesions, but I'm only looking with a speculum, mirror and light (I'm very careful and hygienic).My doctor had a brief look a week or so ago and said it was an ectropion but I think part of the irregular shape was covered by mucus. In fact, I think it's changed shape! I'm not completely sure, but I do check it.I've had clear smears in the past, but of course they can be inaccurate. Plus, if this was cancer that had started in the cervical canal and had only just emerged it could easily have been missed. I've read many accounts of that.I've shown the doctor the photos and she's referred me for a colposcopy but that's not for a few weeks which is why I wanted your honest opinion in the meantime. Do you really think an ectropion can be that shape? Have you seen anything that irregular? I will be happy to tip for your honest and detailed opinion... even if it's bad news and you do think it's cancer.Worth mentioning I recently had a drawn out miscarriage and had a manual vacuum aspiration. My HCG has just normalised now and my menstrual cycles returned.Thank you.
Customer reply replied 7 months ago.
Here is one additional photo too.
There's no reason at all to be checking yourself with a speculum and light. There's no reason for colposcopy in the absence of abnormal pap. Ectropion can be irregular and yes ive seen this all the time. No of course I dont think its cancer, but I do think its well out of the ordinary that you would think so. Your thought process is not logical at all and is based on anxiety and not fact.
Customer reply replied 7 months ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** do appreciate you being straight with me. I know I have anxiety and recently during my miscarriage I have legitimately had doctors misdiagnose me and perform procedures incorrectly. This has made my anxiety and OCD worse and I find it very hard to accept what doctors tell me now.It reassures me that you have seen similar looking benign ectropions. I couldn't find one that shape, which is why I was concerned.I know it is unlikely that a pap would miss anything, but I've read so many accounts of women with adenocarcinomas that weren't picked up at pap and then emerged as "ectropions"... when really they were fairly advanced cancer.I am going to be checked for HPV and my doctor is going to examine me again. If she still thinks it's ectropion, and if I'm negative for HPV, then I will cancel the colposcopy appointment and try to be more rational.I hope that sounds like a good plan to you.