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Two weeks ago I took ellaone. Yesterday since I was feeling

Customer Question

Two weeks ago I took ellaone. Yesterday since I was feeling nausea I purchased a pregnancy test and it was positive. Could it be a false positive? Should I take another one?
And also, can I use my european healt card (ehic) to get a free abortion? (I'm from Italy and I'm currently studying in the uk but I dont have a gp) Thank you
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  MD doc replied 4 months ago.


Welcome to just answer

There are a few conditions that can cause false positive pregnancy test. To rule out that possibility, it is recommended to do the test after a week of the expected date of your cycle. The conditions that can cause false positive pregnancy test are -

- Chemical pregnancy or even a recent abortion

- incorrect method of doing a pregnancy test

- ectopic pregnancy (this is a serious condition and needs treatment immediately)

- if a patient is on certain mediicnes like fertility drugs, antianxiety medications like diazepam or lprazolam, antipsychotics such as clozapine or chlorpromazine, anticonvulsants like phenobarbital or other barbiturates, Parkinson’s disease medications including bromocriptine, diuretics like furosemide, antihistamines like promethazine, methadone etc

- e few medical conditions like a urinary tract infection, kidney disease that causes blood or white blood cells in the urine, ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer, pituitary problems (very rarely)

I would recommend you to repeat your pregnancy test a week after the due date of your cycle. If still it is postive (strongly positive), then you can take a call on further course of action.

The European Health card is valid in UK for seeking medical treatments. Rest you can confirm by calling 0845(###) ###-#### which is a free helpline dealing with pregnancy, its termination, family planning etc

Hope this information is helpful



Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Thank you very much. Is it normal that I didnt experience any bleeding? I know it is common with morning after pills. I took it in the period after my last cycle...
I do take sertraline but as far as I'm aware it does not interact with progesterone right?
Expert:  MD doc replied 4 months ago.


sertraline usually does not cause a false positive pregnancy test. One would experience unusual bleeding only if there is a miscarriage. The morning after pill can also sometimes fail as a contraceptive.

If your due date for next cycle is due, then wait to repeat the test after one week of the date (presuming there is no normal bleeding during the cycle days). If then also, the pregnancy test is positive, then you need to plan further.


Expert:  MD doc replied 4 months ago.

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