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Category: OB GYN
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I’ve been spotting for around a year in between periods.

Customer Question

I’ve been spotting for around a year in between periods. Always with cervical mucus. Never missed a period (period length always around 4-6 days) not heavy, no severe pain, I have periods on average around every 24 days, and around 1 week after my period ends I experience spotting - can be dark brown/red to more of a red/pink. No other pain and not sexually active - can you help? Been to doctors and all they advise is a smear test which I do not want as not sexually active.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Doctor replied 10 months ago.
Welcomie to JA
I am Dr Obinna
I need few details from you
Do you have this spotting after every period?
Do you have any other type of unusual vaginal discharge after
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
HelloI have it some months but not others, some months it’s less and will only occur once when I go to the toilet and wipe, or see a little on a pad, other times it can occur a few times. I’ve done an ovulation calculator online and it seems to happen always around that time. I have been very stressed this past year and exercising less, which I wonder if this why this has started. The ‘spotting’ is normally mixed with a clear stretchy mucus. No other symptoms at any other time of the month - I wondered if it could be due to a hormonal imbalance or just stress? Or if this can be normal during some periods in your life, things like this just occur! My doctor wasn’t very helpful at all, and I consider myself to be healthy apart from that, not on any medication, weight around 126lbs/9 stone and 5ft 4. I just wanted someone to put my mind at rest!
Expert:  Doctor replied 10 months ago.
There was a glitch on my side of the system?
How old are you?
I will give you best practice, evidence based advise shortly
Expert:  Doctor replied 10 months ago.
The reason I asked for age is that intermenstrual bleeding can be functional which is due to changes in the function of your cycle
From, hormonal imbalance, stress affecting hormones, changes before menopause( hence I asked your age) medications like emergency contraceptives or OCP
It can be structural
Like Infection
Ovarian cysts
Cervical lesionsSo the best approach by any physician including your PCP
Is to be methodical in evaluation
Firstly a physical examination including speculum examination
Blood tests including hormonal profile and urinalysis
Pelvic ultrasoundIf nothing is detected
A Hysteroscopy is scheduled
Though this is an invasive procedure and most doctors would rarely opt for itThanks for making it JA
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