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I am around 5 weeks pregnant and I am a midwife. Stupidly, I

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Hi, I am around 5 weeks pregnant and I am a midwife. Stupidly, I had an obstetrician friend scan me yesterday for reassurance ( I had a 12 week miscarriage last year) and my uterus was empty. She saw a thickened endometrium and corpus luthium, I have had no spotting, HCG urine tests are progressively stronger and early pregnancy symptoms. What was hoping to be reassuring has spiralled me into anxiety. She also scanned using the portable scanner on labour ward, which is not as accurate as those used in EPU. I have a scan in 4 days, can anyone offer any insight into my situation? Thanks
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
I have had 4 straightforward pregnancies and babies btw.


Welcome and thank you for your question.

At 5 weeks, it is quite possible not to see the embryo or the york sac - it depends on the angle of the probe.

A thickened endometrium with rising HSG levles are signs of a pregnancy.

The next scan will probably show the yolk sac and possibly the embryo as well.

The cause for concern here is an ectopic pregnancy - that will also show in the scan if you do have it.

An ectopic will cause pain in the abdomen and occasional spotting. The increase in HCG level is also low. If you do not have these, then chances are that you have a normal, healthy pregnancy in the uterus.

I hope this helps.
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Thank you.

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Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Thanks for your answer. I know it but needed to hear it if you understand! I would have been 5wks 0days yesterday. She took a look at my ovaries and saw a large corpus luteum, nothing evident in my Fallopian tubes and no fluid in the pouch of Douglas. The only pain I’ve had is mild left sided pain in the groin following the scan but I’m not concerned, no cramping. I’m vomiting at times and have gone up a bra size too. Thanks again.

Since ectopic pregnancy has been ruled out, you have no cause for concern.

The embryo and yolk sac would probably show up in the next scan.