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Dr. Norm S.
Dr. Norm S., Board Certified OB/GYN
Category: OB GYN
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Experience:  Over 30 years of experience in OB/GYN practice, including teaching students. Fellow of American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
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I am a 32 years old female diagnosed with Premature Ovarian

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Hi Doctor,I am a 32 years old female diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure. My AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) is 0.02ng/ml; FSH is 91.1 U/L, LH is 44.6 IU/l. I was suffering with irregular periods (absence of periods for 3-4 months and then when I have periods, bleed heavily for 10-days). Also, suffering from mood swings, bloating.I am on HRT Femoston 2/10 for 6 weeks now. When I used my first 28-tablets strip (first 14 red tablets oestrogen-only and last 14 yellow tablets oestrogen+progesterone), I got my period on 3rd day after completing the 28-tablets pack i.e; when I am on my 3rd red tablet from the 2nd strip.I have 3-weeks vacation planned from 14th August. I have 6 more yellow tablets containing both oestrogen+progesterone which means that, I will get my period around 15th August! As I bleed very heavily, I would like to either have an early period that lets me have a peaceful holiday or delay the period until 7th Sep.I prefer having an early period as I feel bloated already and don't want to delay my period for 3 weeks! Can you please help me with your valuable advice regarding this? Can I use anything safe or tweak this HRT a bit to have my period this week?Many thanks

It would be reasonable for you to stop the yellow tablets early and let your period come early. 7 days of the combined yellow tablets should be enough to bring on your period, so I would stop the yellow tablets after 7 days. If I calculate correctly, that would bring on your period 8 days before your vacation, so it would hopefully be mostly over by the time of your vacation.

You could also do it by continuing the combined pills for an extra week or so, but it sounds like stopping early would be preferable.

Most likely you can expect that your periods will get lighter and shorter over time as you're taking the HRT, Hopefully this next period will be lighter and shorter. Best wishes.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Hi Doctor,Thank you for your advice.I take Femoston 2/10 every night and I had 8th yellow tablet (that has both 2 mg oestradiol and 10 mg dydrogesterone) last night. As per your advice, I will stop taking yellow tablets expecting to have my period in the next 3 days.
QUESTION IS, should I continue the next HRT strip immediately i.e; take red tablet (with oestrogen-only) tonight?As I bleed very heavily that I usually take off sick from work, I can't imagine bleeding during my holiday. I take Tranexamic acid 500 mg to reduce the bleeding but it doesnt help much! As I am flying on 14th Aug to a hot and humid country, I would like to request your advice on using tablets from 5th day of period that can stop my bleeding. I am also struggling with spotting every day since I started HRT (almost all 28 days which is more frequent on active days after a long walk or workout or intercourse) that I would like to avoid during my 3 weeks holiday.
QUESTION IS,On top of my red tablets from HRT that I start tonight, Can I also take Norethisterone 5mg to avoid spotting during my holiday? Is it safe to take both red HRT tablets (oestrogen-only) from 7th Aug until 7th Sep and also, take Norethisterone 5mg from 13th Aug until 7th Sep? Or Is it a better option to just take combined contraceptive pills (I have used Microgynon-30 3 years ago) from 5th day of the cycle for 21 days, in this case I will not start red tablet tonight?Please advise me the best option to avoid spotting and bloating from 5th day of my period that is estimated to be around 13th/14th August?Many thanks for your advice.Regards

If you have Microgynon or other combined pill available, then I would start taking that, probably about day 4-5 of your period. The combined pill is stronger than the HRT, and you'll be less likely to spot, plus it will probably help your period stop sooner.

If you don't have Microgynon, then I would start the next HRT red tablet tonight.

If you were taking the HRT, you could add Norethisterone 5mg while taking the yellow tablets, which may help avoid spotting.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Hi Doctor,Thank you for your response.I don't have Microgynon-30 but have used it before as was prescribed by my GP to regularise my periods. Can I request a prescription from you or do I need to take my GP appointment here?If I use Microgynon instead of HRT for this month, Can I resume to HRT red tablets immediately after completing the 21 Microgynon tablets? Is it safe to do so?In case of no Microgynon and continue using red tablets HRT tonight, I understand I can take Norethisterone 5 mg thrice a day only when I start taking yellow tablets after completing the first 14-red tablets i.e; from 21st August and continue until I finish the yellow tablets.I understand Microgynon guarantees no spotting but the second option doesnt. If interrupting HRT with Microgynon-30 for this month and resuming HRT from September is a safe option, I would prefer this. Please let me know the procedure to request a prescription for Microgynon from you?Many thanks

I'm sorry, but we don't do prescriptions on this site, so you'd need to request it from your GP.

If you use Microgynon this month, you can resume the HRT red tablets the day after you stop the Microgynon. It is safe.

If you don't use Microgynon, I would stop the yellow combined pills now to help bring on a period. When you start the red pills, I would only add one (maybe 2) 5 mg norethisterone, since you're already taking the progesterone in the yellow pills. It's not like taking norethisterone alone.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Thanks Doctor, I will take appointment with my GP to request a prescription for Microgynon that replaces HRT for just this month.Thank you for your time and detailed advice.

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