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I've been with my wife for 8 years and she just received her

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Hi, i've been with my wife for 8 years and she just received her most recent pap test results which came back with abnormalities and HPV positive, shes been booked in for a colposcopy. Her two previous pap tests came back normal so shes now accusing me of being unfaithful, ive read online that its possible for the hpv virus to lay dormant (inactive) for years which means it won't show up in pap tests is this true?

Hello and thanks for trusting me to help you. I am a board-certified consultant with over 30 years of experience.

I understand your concern.

Well as you describe, It is true that the virus could have laid dormant in her for these 8 years, but it is also possible that the virus was contracted by her many years ago and lay dormant in her and is only now causing the abnormal Pap smear.

It is difficult to know at this point when she was initially infected.

Many women only develop an abnormal Pap smear or cervical cancer many years after the initial infection with HPV.
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Customer: replied 5 months ago.
there is no way of knowing when she contracted the virus or by who?

Thanks for the follow-up.

Unfortunately, it can't be determined now when she contracted the virus or by who.

Actually, HPV is a virus which may be transmitted to another person and not cause any symptoms because this virus has a tendency to go dormant for several years (even decades). So it is possible that the person who transmitted the virus to her may have HPV but simply has not developed warts yet.

HPV cannot be tested for in males, no test exists for this purpose.

HPV can only be tested for in females, in males the only way we can truly know if he has HPV or not is by looking for warts, otherwise, most men who have HPV never know about it.

Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Will my wife get the same information from the doctor when she goes for her çolposcopy?
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
My wife has had her regular pap tests every 3 years, shes had one come back with borderline abnormal cells before but no HPV can they do a pap test when the HPV is dormant and it not show up?

HPV virus infection diagnosed by Pap smear is not diagnostic, when an abnormal cell pattern in a pap smear is found, the material should be cultured for detection of DNA of HPV virus.

If she had undergone culture and the result is positive for HPV then it could determine the strain.

MOST likely she has had the HPV for years, it was dormant and then it became active possibly due to Stress, low immunity.

A Pap test is a screening tool that tells your provider whether there are any cell changes occurring on your cervix. A colposcopy is a more thorough diagnostic procedure that allows your provider to examine your cervix for any abnormal cells or blood vessels using a microscope known as a colposcope.

Most women who receive a colposcopy have a normal result and follow up with a few more Pap tests to ensure their immune systems clear these cells on their own.

So, she should go for colposcopy for further evaluation and management.

Hope this helps.

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